Pro User Tips: Client Tagging

Whether you’re a TimeTap aficionado or would like to dive deeper into the feature options within the system, we’re offering a new blog segment, “TimeTap Pro User Tips”, to help keep you up to speed and challenge you with a few new ideas to implement in your everyday use.

This week’s segment is all about Client Tags.

By default, your TimeTap Clients list shows all clients. With our new tagging feature, you can tag and sort clients by a descriptor tag to present a custom list. Tagging clients comes in handy when organizing your clients or sending an email to a specific group of clients.

Let’s say you have a group of customers who have been long term clients. You would like to send a bulk message about a new promotion for your preferred customers only.

In order to message these preferred customers, go to your client list, select the names and add a tag “Preferred.”

client tagging - 1.png

Tags can also be applied individually at the client profile level.

client tagging - 2.png

Your next step is to draft an Invitation Template (formerly known as Marketing Templates). You can include email tags, coupons or images in your template.

client tags - 3.png

Now you’re ready to send a bulk email to your client segment. Simply filter your client list by the display name, “Preferred,” select "Email", then the desired template.

client tagging 4.png

Take a look at our documentation page on Client Tags for a more in-depth review.

We’ll also be hosting a 30 minute webinar and Q&A session on client tagging. Join us Wednesday December, 20 from 4:00 - 4:30pm EST. Register today!

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