It’s Time to Put a Face to the Name

Similar to how users are able to add photos to their staff profiles, services or locations, TimeTap has now added the feature that gives you the ability to add a photo to a client profile. You now have a great resource that allows you to put a face to your client’s name.

To access this feature in the back office go to your Client List and click Client Profile next to any client name. Once you are on the Client’s Profile (see Meaghan O’Reilly’s Profile for the example below) you will see a photo icon on the left hand side. To personalize that icon with the client’s photo, waive your cursor over the photo icon to prompt a “Choose File” option to appear. Click the "Choose File" button and browse for your client's photo.

client photo.png

Once you have selected your file, the photo will automatically save to the client’s profile and you will receive a message in green stating that the client’s details have been successfully updated.  

client photo 2.png

And if at any time you or your client would like to change or update the photo that was previously selected you are able to go back into their profile and select another file.

The client feature can add a new level of organization to your client lists. If you have any questions about the use of the feature, let us know at