Using TimeTap to Get the Most Out of The Holidays

The season of giving means the season of shopping. Many shoppers this holiday are looking to get their hands on the best deals they can - but that’s only if they know it’s out there. Here are a few ways to best get your services at the very top of their wishlist using TimeTap.

       Holiday planning for your business doesn't  have to be difficult using these easy tools.

       Holiday planning for your business doesn't  have to be difficult using these easy tools.

  • Invitation Templates - Did you know that you could email all of your clients at once with the click of a button? Invitations are the optimal way to get your message across quickly. This feature allows you to  blast new products, specials and anything else you’d like your entire client list to know, saving you time and optimizing your reach. Want the ins and outs of invitations? Take a look at our documentation on Invitation Templates.

  • Coupons - You can also use that invitation template to announce any coupons you are currently offering. After creating the code, paste the code details into the template, send to your clients, and watch the new appointments roll in! TimeTap allows you to easily create and manage your engagement with your customers this time of year. Cut to the chase and check out how to set up coupons now.

  • Gift card features - Do your clients frequently purchase gift cards for your services? Did you know you can apply a gift card to a particular client’s account? It’s simple to create the gift card and save a gift card to a client’s profile.  A customer can choose to apply the gift card amount to their next visit. It’s a great gift that’s so easy, it just practically bought itself! Get the lowdown on how to best utilize gift cards.