Merging your Productivity Platforms

When thinking productivity, it’s important to have your own sense of style. Lots of people still prefer the old pen and paper method with a few new added twists. Bullet Journals, Productivity Planners, and even self designed planners like Agendio help you stay organized and ahead of the game.

Even the most planned out day could use a backup system to streamline specific aspects of your day. TimeTap removes the guesswork out of planning appointments when managing your weekly schedule.

If you like to see your week ahead, remember to adjust your Latest Appointment Settings within Services and Classes to close booking after a specific time.

Give yourself the time you need to manage your weekly schedule by allowing appointments to be booked between 1 hour before the start time and up to 14 days in advance.

If you like to plan ahead a few days, give yourself time to sit, reflect, and think about the appointments ahead as you write in your planner, preparing for the meeting. When the appointment time comes, you're ready to jump right in.

Often times journaling isn't best used to jot down your daily schedule, but for managing business thoughts and ideas. Write down your ideas as they come to you; anything from reactions to an interesting article, recalling important facts about a new network connection, or mapping out a project plan. Having a notebook or app available to write down fresh information can transform the way you retain all your brilliant business ideas.  Business Insider suggests these leading business men and women use similar techniques. 


Use your TimeTap's Time Off feature to block a recurring 10-15 minute session each week to review and organizing your thoughts. Set aside this activity at a time of the day when you're alert, engaged, but not too busy. Knowing your peak productivity time can make a great difference in how responsive you'll be to sifting through the good from the great ideas and choosing which to develop further. Take a look at this article from Business News Daily for tools on assessing your peak productivity times. 

When organizing your thoughts, create separate sections in your journal, moving those fresh ideas into more well defined categories. Move ideas related to improving the core elements of your day to day work into "Task Management." Assign projects with multiple steps to "Planning." Create a "Timeline" section to assign goals with desired completion in three, six, or twelve months. Assigning goals to a month on the calendar allows you to plan ahead as well as look back to see what you've accomplished. 

TimeTap is an amazing productivity enhancing tool and coupling software with thoughtful practice techniques such as journaling can be a game changer in how to you engage with your business day to day. TimeTap's automated features create more time for you to reflect on your current practices and grow your business overtime.