Making the Most of Traffic

Did you know that what you do while stuck in traffic could make you more successful? According to Reader’s Digest, successful people don’t just get stuck in traffic, they instead make some of their most crucial moves to ensure the day is a productive one. Check out a few of the things you can do on your commute to make you more successful too:

1. Set the day’s goals

Take time on your commute to decide what you will accomplish by the end of the day. Instead of worrying about how busy the day is going to be, come up with a game plan on how to tackle it, even use Siri to create your to-do list. Coming up with these goals before you even get started will get you ready to make them happen before even walking through the door.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 11.36.44 AM.png

Being stuck in traffic doesn't have to look like this.

2. Make time for personal improvement

Do you love reading but never have the time for it anymore? What about putting on a concert in your car to let out all that pent up energy? Commute time can be a real opportunity to have true time for yourself, whether that is learning a new language on audio or unwinding while you drive with an e-book or podcast.

 3. Get TimeTap!

By booking all of your appointments on TimeTap, you’ll best be handling your hectic schedule in one place, including your directions! Now with our new Google maps feature you know exactly where you’re going, and so will your clients. Don’t forget, that’s less calendars to check, more appointments that can be booked while you’re on the road and less work for you.

By utilizing these techniques you'll never just be driving to work, you'll be working on yourself, improving your business and making the best use of your time. Maybe after awhile you won't hate being in traffic so long after all.