November's Top Feature: Google Maps

One of the great features within TimeTap is its integration with Google Maps. Through this feature your clients are able to instantly locate your business at the time of booking. The Google Maps feature pinpoints your business's exact location(s) that you have provided on your account. And the good news is this feature now comes as a default setting on your account.


In order to access this feature to enable or disable it on your account you will need to first be signed into your TimeTap Back Office. Once you are logged in you will go to your Settings and choose Locations. In your Location Settings you will click on "Locations Panel Settings" and you will simply check/uncheck the box next to "Show Location Map View"  to enable/disable that feature on your online scheduler. 

While you are in your Location settings this is a great time to make any customized changes to your Location Panel. For example if you wanted to change the label from "Locations" to "Offices" or provide more detailed directions this can all be done through your Location Panel Settings. All that is left to do is to hit save and your online scheduler has been automatically updated. 

For more information about this feature or to speak with one of our TimeTap team members, you can call us at 980-689-0029 or write to us at Happy Scheduling!