Productivity Challenge Week 6 - Sanity Served

Hey everyone! We’re glad you’ve joined us as we do a brief recap of each week for our Productivity Challenge. We truly hope your business’ routine has found some sanity with the help of those actionable steps for each week.


Week 1

In week 1, we talked about the need for more sanity with your business’ schedule. Trying to juggle and keep track of cancellations, rescheduling, checking staff calendars, and growing your business just wasn’t working. You found yourself spending more time in areas where automation could have stepped in and taken over.

To solve that problem, your first main step was to sign up for our web scheduler to start getting your busy schedule into shape. We also had additional steps for our go-getters who wanted to pick up the pace.



Week 2

In week 2, missed opportunities were on the table for discussion. You would come into the office and each day, and there were messages left after business hours for appointment requests. Sometimes you’d get through when returning client phone calls, and sometimes you wouldn’t – leading to a game of phone tag.

And sometimes, you might not have known this, but the client had found another service provider for their need. So, a door for improvement was waiting for your next move.

To make the most of those opportunities for serving prospective clients and getting more business, we talked about the gift of sharing, allowing your clients to “book now”, and giving Facebook the freedom to funnel appointment requests.


Week 3

In week 3, the concern of lost business and productivity was up for discussion. We needed to figure out how to reduce appointment no-shows and have the flexibility to accept appointments for our in-demand services or classes.

As actionable steps, you needed to make sure that the policies and procedures section on your web scheduler was visible and updated to reflect your regulations. It would also been good to add those procedures to your confirmation and reminder emails, and lastly, accept payment up-front to help add accountability for bookings.



Week 4

In week 4, we needed to make sure that your branding was consistent when clients moved from your main website to your scheduling website. Avoiding that sense of confusion is important as you want to make sure your clients feel connected to your brand even when they’re booking with you.

To do this, you could customize your web scheduler, add descriptions for staff members, services, classes, and courses, and lastly, change your web-handle to build link trust with your clients.



Week 5

And finally in week 5, we verified that, yes, our attentions can be shorter than a goldfish’s (more here). So, your clients need reminders about their appointments, and the easiest way to do this is not to manually type them up and send them, but to allow our system to handle this for you (for free!).

You can also adjust the increments on having reminders sent. If you want to catch your clients on the go, in most cases, they may be just a text message away, so we also talked about getting text reminders set up to be sent automatically.

And implementing those tips can help you be well on your way to a smoother business schedule. Did you enjoy this challenge and have you seen any improvements with these tips?

We would love to hear about your experience with the Productivity Challenge and what you’d like to see from us next! We’d really appreciate it if you can take a little time to complete our brief survey found here.

Thanks for tuning in & as always, happy scheduling!