Heartedness: How Much Heart Goes Into Your Mission?

For your #ThursdayThought, this one comes from the heart.

Heartedness - just how much heart do you put into your mission? Now, we're talking about the mission of your business - what your purpose is for serving your clients or teaching your students.

Remember a little while ago we talked about the importance of context and why it matters for your clients and students (and the dreaded "When will I ever use this or need this?" question for teachers).

But in terms of heartedness, how much of you are you putting into your mission?

How much heart goes into your mission?

How much heart goes into your mission?

Do you come in on weekdays, make sure the office is prepared, check emails, and wait for your clients to walk in for their appointments with little enthusiasm? Maybe you've gotten to the point where it's a day-in and day-out thing. If this is the case, consider today's post a little encouragement.

Sometimes we forget that our business serves a higher purpose than to put money into our pockets, help us buy groceries during the week, and so on. Our clients are more than dollar signs although we need them to keep our business running. But, just as we need them, they need us.

If, for instance, as teachers, we walk into the classroom and without a "Good morning" tell our students to pull out pencil and paper and prepare for a quiz, the students may begin to mumble under their breaths and sigh because they feel that it's going to be a long class ahead - not to mention pull out their smartphones to check Facebook.

Anyway, I am sure that you see my point...don't forget to put your heart into what you do, because people will sense it, and they may know it. 

So, how much heart are you truly putting into your mission today? For your Thursday thought.