5 Ways to Meet Your Resolution to Have Better Appointments

It’s January, and we're so frequently reminded to think about what we want to add or subtract from our lives in the year ahead. Not that we can’t do some goal setting every day of the year if we wanted to, but this date in particular has a way of prompting us to get specific.

If one of your resolutions this year is to get more appointments, we’ve written about some handy tricks in the past which may help you get that meeting you’ve been hoping for. We’ve also got some advice below on tools you can use in TimeTap to get more value from every appointment on your calendar.

1.       Send links to surveys in your Thank You follow up messages: For every step in the scheduling process, there’s a corresponding email message that goes out. With TimeTap online scheduling, you can customize each of these messages to have the language your business uses. One email that many people overlook is the follow up email that goes out once an appointment is marked complete.  You can embed a third party link on this email that is specific to the service they had an appointment for to ask them to complete a survey about their experience. Using services like SurveyMonkey or PopSurvey, you can get valuable feedback about why clients chose an appointment or how their experience could be improved.

2.       Add a Book Now tab to your business’s Facebook page: It’s easy to embed the scheduler on a tab accessible on the same website your clients already spend much of their time: Facebook. By following these instructions your FB fans will see a new option to book an appointment with you through your page. All these appointments will sync back to your TimeTap calendar with all the right messages delivering the same as if they booked the appointment from your website.

3.       Offer your existing clients referral coupon codes: If your current clients love you (but you just need more of them) using coupons is a great way to spread word-of-mouth business. By adding a coupon code, you can customize how many redemptions it can have or an expiration date for its validity. You can give each of your existing clients a unique referral code to use or provide a generic one to all of them.

4.       Reduce No-Shows by accepting payments up front: Having your clients pay up front for an appointment has numerous benefits. One is that you can reduce the chance (and definitely the pain) that a client doesn’t show up for an appointment he/she has scheduled with you. Two is that you eliminate the awkward payment exchange that has to happen in person if they pay during the meeting. After your client has experienced the wonderful service you offer, do you really want to dampen their mood by asking for them to shell out some dough? If not, think about integrating PayPal or MerchantWarehouse in your online scheduling process.

5.       Limit when you offer certain services: Maybe you have a really inexpensive service that’s pretty popular, but you don’t want all your time being taken up by an activity that’s not generating the greatest income. Or, maybe you have a service that a lot of people want but it takes too much out of you to offer it all the time. Whatever the case may be, you have a lot of flexibility in using the specific hours function inside the service setup. You can choose to only offer your service on Mondays, or only in the mornings, or only during your typically least busy times. By customizing your availability for any given service, you can maximize profits and create demand for some rare appointment times.

There you have it – 5 ways to drive more value out of your appointments in the New Year. Have a way we didn’t think of but has brought some great business in for you? Please mention it in the comments section below! We love hearing how TimeTap can help make your life easier.

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