5 Foods + Recipes to Boost Your Productivity

As many of us know, what we eat can have various effects on our bodies. If we eat junk food, we may feel like junk later, but if we eat foods that are better for our bodies, like mind-powering foods, then we just might be able to do some sprints on break (well, maybe not sprints).

But anyway, the point is that we need to watch what we eat. At the beginning of the year, many of us begin to be more conscious about losing weight, eating this - not that, and hitting the gym. But, as the year goes on, we tend to slack up on that and fall back into our old habits - some that aren't good.

Today, here's to helping you eat healthy and ramping up your productivity while managing your busing schedule - 5 foods + recipes you can add to your menu.

Image courtesy  TheLemonBowl.com

Image courtesy TheLemonBowl.com

1. Brown Rice

3 Quick Facts About Brown Rice  - They:

  • Produce energy through the mineral manganese
  • Are a good source of fiber
  • Can help with avoiding blood sugar troubles

Try brown rice to boost your energy through the mineral manganese. Who says that rice has to be bland and boring? If you're a person who enjoys Asian foods, try this Brown Fried Rice with Chicken and Vegetables recipe. Not only are you getting a healthier starch, but also greens and protein.

Image courtesy  FoodNetwork.com

Image courtesy FoodNetwork.com



2. Spinach

3 Quick Facts About Spinach - They:

  • Contain antioxidants
  • Provide iron which can be helpful for those who are iron-deficient
  • Can lower blood pressure

If you want to run away kids, just mention that spinach is for dinner, but seriously, spinach is a great food for boosting your energy. Personally, I've had spinach salads with bacon bits, sunflower kernels, cheese, and Italian dressing and it was great tasting, but also beneficial in providing me with additional energy to get things done. Try Ree Drummond's The Perfect Spinach Salad recipe as a tasteful way for incorporating spinach into your diet.

3. Beans

3 Quick Facts About Beans - They:

  • Are an excellent source of protein
  • Contain fiber so that you feel fuller longer
  • Have complex carbohydrates that help prevent high blood sugar

Beans are beneficial in a variety of ways from their supply of protein to energy.  If you're the type of person who would rather eat them in combination with other foods, try them in a salad, burrito, cooked on the stovetop with meat, or on the stovetop without meat but with other vegetables, broth, and butter. Give this Chicken Rice Burritos recipe a try for dinner one evening to add beans to your menu.

Image courtesy:  Swain.CES.NCSU.edu

Image courtesy: Swain.CES.NCSU.edu

4. Apples

3 Quick Facts About Apples - They:

  • Are a great source of fiber
  • Contain B vitamins for energy
  • Provide potassium for heart and muscle function

No, we're talking about going to the fair for candy apples, but apples with caramel are a great snack in the morning or at midday when you want something sweet but also slightly filling. Instead of dipping the apples, try these unique Caramel Apple Slices instead for a snack on the go.

Recipe courtesy  TheComfortOfCooking.com . 

Recipe courtesy TheComfortOfCooking.com

5. Almonds

3 Quick Facts About Almonds - They:

  • Are a good source of protein
  • Contain magnesium that can help with energy
  • Contain fiber 

Personally, almonds aren't one of my favorite snacks, but when combined into a bar with peanuts and chocolate, they taste pretty good to me. This recipe is a copycat of the Kind Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Bars. If you're the type of person who can grab a bar in the mornings with tea or coffee and you're ready to head out of the door, then this could be the energy-boosting snack for you.




And there you have it, 5 foods and recipes to add some fuel to your fire whether in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings. So for those days when you have many booked appointments on schedule, give one of these foods a try, and if you have a friend who could use a boost, feel free to share this post with them.


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