To Millennials & Beyond: How Your Business Can Reach a Growing Population

This generation grew up with computers. Some were tapping away on keywords and trying out the larger cell phones shortly after walking if not before. Some are finishing high school and choosing their directions in life in terms of a job, career, or continuing their education. Some are starting families and maintaining a daily job.

Additionally, in the United States, this population has outgrown the Baby Boomers generation and is predicted to comprise more than 50% of the workforce by the year 2020. You probably already work with several if you’re not one yourself, but the focus of today’s post is about how your business can reach out to this generation and create an excellent customer experience for them through online booking. We’re going to show you how through several “hip” scenarios.


Jessica missed her doctor’s business hours to make an appointment…

Fix - On demand 24/7/365 appointment booking

Online appointment booking at one's fingertips is just what the doctor ordered. For millennials, giving them the ability to book an appointment outside of business hours is very convenient. It's also helpful for your business because it's akin to having the doors open virtually around the clock so that business is steady even when you're not in the office. With our appointment system, millennials can book an appointment at any time without having to call in to find out when the physician is in or when he or she will be available as his or her hours will be shown on your web scheduler.


Nick forgot to meet with his professor about his grades…

Fix - On the go updates

As many of us know, millennials are attached to their cell phones whether they are on social media, texting, listening to music, or researching. And one way to be sure to reach them is to send automatic updates or reminders for their appointments. Many people would appreciate not having to search through a swamp of emails just to find their appointment time, and would be relieved to have a text reminder sent before their scheduled booking.


Megan wanted to schedule her hair appointment by phone while on lunch break…

Fix - Mobile app access

With the ability to request a ride by mobile app, check for available restaurant tables, and much more, why not find your fave hairstylist or barber and easily book an appointment? With our mobile app millennials can do just that while on lunch break or during their free time. This also helps to prevent phone tag with your hairstylist or barber to determine a date and time that works with their schedule.


Andrew wasn’t ready to commit to paying full price for online training...

Fix - Introductory discounts

Some people are not always ready to commit to completing a full-on program or even starting a membership. That's why sometimes it's better to provide a lot of value up-front, and as you build trust, then clients or students will be a lot more willing to continue working with you. Try offering introductory discounts for a particular service or class for new clients or students to allow them to get a better understanding and feel of your business. Allow them to enter in coupon or promotion codes while they're on your scheduling website.


While on Facebook, Sean wanted to reach out about a business’ terms and conditions…

Fix - Have a social presence

When you have a quick question, sometimes you're trying to find the fastest way to reach someone. With millennials, they're usually on social media at some point during the day, and if you're business has a social presence, use these channels to offer customer support. On Facebook, the chat feature is excellent for answering quick questions or providing a link to a tutorial or walkthrough.


Alexis wanted to feel more connected to others who shared her goals...

Fix - Establish a community

When you know that there is someone else who has your same goal, and you're able to touch basis with them, working towards that goal can be a lot easier. And that's where establishing a community comes in. Your business could have monthly events or meetings for newcomers or current clients who are working towards the same goal. Fitness instructors, relationship coaches, and other professionals who tend to work with clients that share similar goals can set up these meetings to establish a community for clients to feel understood and welcomed. Also, a digital community through Facebook is a great idea as well to keep millennial clients connected.


And these are several ways your business can reach out to and build client relationships with millennials. Can you think of other ways that businesses can connect with millennials? We'd love to hear it in the comments box below.