6 Types of Marketing Emails to Send to Your Clients

Ever gotten an email from one of your fave companies about a sale or promotion, and you didn't want to miss out because the products and or services are so great? The subject line is catchy and the graphics are awesome, so you head on over to their website to browse their selections or check out the services that are on sale. You can't wait to enjoy your new item once it arrives, or enjoy a certain service that you're glad is on sale.

Email has a way of catching and holding our attention. In fact, email marketing has been proven to be 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to gaining new customers. Additionally, email marketing lands more conversions than social media or even general searching. Therefore, if email has this capability, you can use it to get more appointments, maintain and build client relationships, and even encourage partnerships.

Today we're going to provide you with 6 types of marketing emails that you can send to your clients for those previously mentioned reasons and more. Let's jump right in!

1. For New Clients, Send a Warm Welcome

It feels great to have new clients come aboard who are trying out your services or classes for the first time. Make them feel welcome by sending a warm welcome email to let them know that they're not just a number, but someone whom you value and will do the best you can to make sure their experience with you is pleasurable.

2. To Maintain Your Client Relationships, Let Them Know Their Business is Appreciated with a Coupon

We know how great it feels to get coupons by email from our fave companies regarding promotions or sales, and your clients would enjoy it too. Let those who have already booked an appointment with you or have taken a course with you know that their business is appreciated by sending them a coupon for a discount on their next service or class with you. 

3. To Encourage Clients to Book Appointments in Advance, Offer a Promotion

Appointments made in advance not only help clients, but they also increase your business and can speak a great deal about the experience you provide. To encourage clients to book their appointments ahead of time, consider offering a promotion that allows them to save a certain percentage by booking in advance. Most people like to and want to save money where they can, and would certainly like to be able to save on a service that they book regularly or a class that they want to take again.

4. To Let Clients Know They Can Search for Your Nearest Location

Convenience and location are important if clients can physically visit your business. If you own or work for a salon, fitness center, staffing agency, law firm, accounting firm, or another business that has a physical address, let clients know that they can search by zip-code to find a location that's most convenient for them. This is an especially helpful feature for businesses with multiple offices that span various regions or territories.

5. To Get Feedback, Send a Link to a Brief Survey

Receiving feedback opens a door to growth. Many of us probably tense up when we hear the word, but it's great to get suggestions and tips for improvement so that you're not blindly making plans to go forward, but you're seeking out additional insight and perspectives. Send your clients an email with a link to a *brief survey (try to keep it short) to get their opinions about your services and or classes so that you'll have a better idea of changes you can make moving forward.

6. To Encourage Clients Work with Your Connections, Send a Mass Email About Partnership with Promotion

There are many benefits to partnering up with another brand or business whether it's a promotion or even hosting an event. If you want to encourage clients to work with your connections, one way to do this is through a promotion, event, or even a contest. You could send out a mass email regarding your partnership (let's say for an event), and invite clients to come out and participate. Those who do so will receive a discount on one of your services and one of your partner's services as well.

And now that we've talked about 6 types of marketing emails you can send to your clients, we also have made it easy for you to do so with our online scheduling system. Check out our tutorial for creating email marketing templates to send out to your clients.

Create marketing templates to send to your clients in TimeTap's BackOffice

Create marketing templates to send to your clients in TimeTap's BackOffice

And we hope these tips can get your clients excited about scheduling appointments with you. For now, happy booking!