How to Find Out What Your Clients Want

Find out what your clients want to see from your business

Find out what your clients want to see from your business

Ever thought to yourself, "Man this app could be better if only the creator did this," or "Well, if 'X Company' switched back to the original formula for this product, then it would be so much better"? I have thought this numerous times whether concerning an app, food, or even a service.

If only businesses knew what "x" factors their clients or customers were looking for, then they could really make them happy. Well, if you have clients we have some good news for you. In today's short post, I want to hit on several ways how you can find out what your clients are looking for with your services or classes that you've set up with our appointment manager. Without doing any risky acrobatic tricks, it's as simple as just reaching out and asking.

Ever heard the saying, "I wish you would have told me"? Instead of being put into this position, make your business available for accepting and receiving feedback on your services or classes and here are several ways you can:

1. Periodically ask for feedback in your emails

Do you send out emails each week? Try incorporating near the end of your emails on a periodic basis a link to a quick survey or an invitation for clients to email questions/concerns that someone from your business will personally respond to. This opens doors for clients to not only be able to view a sweet deal you're running or read some good news, but to also be able to share their current thoughts or questions that they might have about your services or classes you've added to our online booking system.

2. Let them know how much you appreciate comments on your blog posts

As clients come down to the end of reading your blog posts, kindly let them know that you appreciate their comments and suggestions and invite them to share those in your comments box. You can also provide a button at the bottom of your posts that links to your social media profiles where they can send a direct message to your inbox. If clients post comments, be sure to write back and let them know that you're listening and are open to their feedback.

3. Give a shoutout through live video on social media or have a live Q & A

If you haven't checked out our post on how to use live video for fitness classes, it's a definite treat. With live video being very popular these days, it would probably be highly valuable to allow clients to put a face with a name by recording a live video and posting it social media requesting feedback. Another really nifty tip to have a "social hour" where clients can jump in on social and respond to you during the live video. A live Q & A might be in the works to get clients involved and let them know that their opinions and experiences matter.

4. Check questions related to your services on Quora

Yes, Quora can be a great place to find out what clients are looking for with your services that they would book through our online service scheduling software. You might even find a feature, topic, or some other idea that might not be popular among other businesses in your niche. 

And I am sure there are many other ways that you could request feedback from your clients whether its by survey, direct mail, text messaging, or any method you can think of. Before you go, check out this short video below on how to find out what your customers want to get some extra tips.

Know of any tips you can share that we haven't discussed here? Let us know by commenting below! If you haven't tried our online schedule manager yet, you can sign up free for 30 days to see how well it works to help you save more time and focus on expanding your business. Tell us what you think of this post by reaching out to us on social!

And until next time, stay inquisitive and happy scheduling!