Introducing TimeTap Business: A More Powerful Toolset for Online Scheduling

Today we're excited to introduce you to our newest plan with more powerful tools to help you maximize appointments, TimeTap Business. TimeTap Business comes complete with the features your business has loved so far like unlimited appointments & unlimited clients, but it also includes additional features that will allow you to make appointment scheduling easier & help you to expand professionally.

It comes with our easily navigable interface to help you get around quickly and seamlessly. Maintaining your brand's appearance is still available through customizing your Mini Website whether it's customizing your Greeting Message, adding your brand's colors, or adjusting your logo. Before we dive into the details, here is a brief overview of what TimeTap Business can do for you:

  • Easily direct clients and or students to the right service or class
  • Provide more convenience for online scheduling by showing your nearest business location or the nearest staff member
  • Prevent downtime that hinders your growth by allowing clients to fill open slots
  • Supply custom reporting that captures the essential information for your business

How will this plan help our business to expand?

Clients, customers, and students like simplicity, and with the rise of many helpful and automated processes, it's better to keep scheduling functional and simple, and this plan provides features that do just that. Let's say that your organization has a monthly seminar on how to manage finances, but the location changes each month in order to raise financial awareness in other communities within your city or state. When you have guests who are interested in those seminars who may not be very technically savvy, by providing user-friendly URLs (you'll hear more about these shortly) you'll be able to help them easily identify the website they need to navigate to in order to sign up and attend.

Additionally, by making it easier for your clients or students to find your business by entering in their zip code or special text, you'll be well on your way to building a larger clientele since location does matter. This will prevent clients or students from having to browse your list of locations which is especially helpful if your business serves many cities, states, or even countries.

Show Clients the Nearest Location & Staff Member(s) Available

Our new filter feature makes it easier for clients and or students to find you. No more going through your expansive list of locations or searching through Google Maps to find out which office is closest - you now take the reigns in guiding clients to you. Businesses that serve numerous areas would especially find this feature helpful, as clients will be less likely to need to make a phone call, email, or forego setting an appointment due to the complexity of finding the best location.

Likewise, clients won't only need to a use a zip code to find your business, but they can also use any special text that you set for them to find the right staff member.

Ever browsed a salon's website and needed a stylist with certain training? Salon owners can make it easier for clients to find the right stylists by using a staff filter. They can simply adjust their scheduler's settings and add staff filter criteria so that clients can search for stylists with the appropriate training for their desired look. Here's an example of what this would look like on the web scheduler:

Show clients the nearest available staff members by filtering

Show clients the nearest available staff members by filtering

This takes out a lot of guesswork, calling, emailing, and lost time on yours and the client's end in order to make sure that they're booking a professional with the appropriate training.

Help Clients Find What They're Looking For

Our screening questions feature will allow you to help clients and or students find the best service and or class. The screening questions provide a means of making sure that the client and or student is eligible or has chosen an appropriate service or class.

To illustrate this, let's say that as a marriage and family therapist you offer a group session on relationship building, but new clients cannot join this session unless they first complete a consultation with you. By providing a screening question such as "Have you completed an initial consultation with Dr. Jennings?", you are preventing clients from booking an appointment without having the proper knowledge of procedure. 

Guide clients to the appropriate service with a screening question

Guide clients to the appropriate service with a screening question


This can also be avoided by stating your procedures on the Greeting screen of your scheduler, but if clients bypass the message and are not prevented from booking the appropriate appointment, then further issues can arise.

Show Clients & Students User Friendly URLs

Providing user-friendly or vanity URLs for your services or classes is an awesome feature that will help to direct your clients before beginning the booking process. Have you ever seen a URL that wasn't exactly intuitive or easy to discern where it would take you to? That's the feeling your clients or students probably get when they don't see an easily understandable link to your web scheduler. But this feature puts that issue to rest.

To use a previous example, if your organization holds monthly seminars on how to manage personal finances but the location changes each month, you can make it easy for interested guests to know the purpose and location through a vanity URL like "".

Provide user-friendly URLs for your services or classes

Provide user-friendly URLs for your services or classes

When guests see the link they can click on to sign up on your main website, they'll not only know the purpose but also get a better understanding of location with the street name and city included. Nice! 

Use a Phone Number & Custom Message for Notifications

Want to have a dedicated phone number and custom message for notifications? Then you'll enjoy this feature as you'll be able to choose your own phone number and customize the text message reminder that your clients or students see.

Customize your text message notifications according to your brand's voice

Customize your text message notifications according to your brand's voice

No more one-message-fits all for your text reminders as you can tailor the notification to match your brand's tone. Above is an example of using a custom text message notification for reminding a patient of his or her dentist appointment.

Let Clients Know When a Slot Opens

Keep business down-time out of sight and mind with our new waitlist feature by letting clients sign up in case a slot opens, and notifying them when you or another staff member is free.

Cosmetologists, automotive shop owners, and even professors will find this feature helpful in the event that their schedules are booked to the brim due to holiday seasons or issues that need immediate attention.

Professors tend to see students back to back before the school year ends and generally find themselves fitting students in for meetings where they can before or after classes. To help ensure that students are receiving the help they need, professors can allow them to join a waitlist and notify them when a slot opens up. 

Allow clients to students to a join a waitlist

Allow clients to students to a join a waitlist

Likewise, barbers and salon stylists can keep clients and avoid having down-time by utilizing the waitlist feature that could also in-turn help them build strong relationships with new clients. 

Capture Essential Information with Custom Built Reports

Need a report that captures essential client and appointment information? We now provide custom built reports for any time frame and combination of client and appointment information that you need. It's as simple as letting us know and we'll create an exportable report as a PDF or Excel document for your business within 5 days.

Capture the information your business needs with custom built reports

Capture the information your business needs with custom built reports

Eliminate the guesswork by allowing us to build custom reports for you to easily analyze and keep your business on track with reaching milestones.

A Plan to Take Your Business to New Heights

TimeTap Business is about expansion and with these powerful tools for $59.95/month, you can make online scheduling an easier process for your clients or students while tailoring the experience as you see fit. To learn more about how these new features work, check out our Documentation where you can find tutorials. Take the reigns today by signing up for a free 30 day trial to see if this plan is right for you, and if you're not happy you'll still have the opportunity to continue taking appointments with our Starter Plan.

For now, happy scheduling & we want to hear about your success! Let us know in the comments below!