Video Game Trucks: The New Birthday Party Bounce Houses

San Diego Rolling Video Games

San Diego Rolling Video Games

I am consistently impressed with the new unique business models that living in the modern world allows for. San Diego Rolling Video Games is just another example. I remember the headache planning parties would give my mom when my siblings and my birthdays would come around each year. The logistics of invitations, RSVPs, and reservations on top of the chaos of everyday life stressed her out until the week after the party was over.

San Diego Rolling Video Games takes that sort of stress off of parents planning parties. “We’re gaining good traction,” said Hernan Sias, who has been a part of the business since it started in February 2011.  “There are a lot of people looking to book parties, and, as a business concept, we’re starting to hear less of ‘I’ve never seen it before’ and into the category of ‘must have it. ’”

Just as a bounce house has been (and maybe always will be?) a necessity at any 3-6 year olds party, video game trucks are becoming an increasingly popular theme for older boys’ birthday parties. “I think it’s been hard to plan parties for that age group in the past,” Hernan said. “Mom still wants to have a theme but it has to be cool enough for the boys.”

And it isn’t just birthday parties. Many schools are inquiring about using the truck at events. “Some schools want to use us for purely recreational purposes at fairs or parties. For those we just stay age appropriate with ratings depending on the grade level. But we’re also getting more and more requests for educational games.”

In his opinion, there’s no better way to teach someone than through a game. “In the age of ADD, the fact is that kids’ attention isn’t what it used to be. Competition keeps them engaged and a change in mission keeps their attention,” he told me commenting on how the challenge that a game provides can steady a child’s focus.

There’s also a sense of unity that develops in the truck between the game players, especially for the motion games. “By the end of any party, it’s pretty much turned into a club inside the truck,” he said. As newer technology has come along that registers people’s body movements they’ve had to think outside the truck for ways to support non-console based games.

“The technology is there for 360° games. Now it is on the game developers to come up with the visual components for it.” With completely immersive gaming experiences, services like San Diego Rolling Video Games are on the forefront of a whole new age of partying.

Using Online Booking For Game Truck PartyRentals

“At this point, about 70% of our business is booked online,” Hernan said. “It’s just the nature of how people do things. They’re not using the Yellow Pages anymore.” And it’s true – as internet searches combined with the speed and accessibility of mobile devices shape the way we discover information, traditional print will become obsolete.

For San Diego Rolling Video Games, TimeTap's automated online scheduling system works well because it blocks out the times their booked without one of their staff members even needing to get involved. “It allows me to work on other aspects of the business,” Hernan commented. “It’s vital time that I get back and I get to cater to the portion of my customer base who wants to do things online.”

With appointment scheduling software, Hernan’s website visitors can easily see what day the game truck is available for rental and book during their visit. They also receive instant email confirmations and automatic reminders to make communication easy up until their visit.

San Diego Rolling Video Games has been a TimeTap user since August 2011.

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