It's Deal Season! 9 Tips for Delighting & Keeping Clients

“Rabbit Season!” “Duck Season!” No, it’s Deal Season and in today’s post we’re going to talk about how you can delight your clients by offering deals on your services & in turn expand your client-base. With the last two weeks having included sweet deals on donuts and iced tea, sharing your services and or classes with less investment/risk for potential and new clients would make them happy and a study proves just that.

According to Dr. Paul Zak, a Professor of Neuroeconomics at Claremont University, coupons contribute to increased happiness and lowered stress. In a visual sort of way, it’s kind of like walking into a store that’s having a semi-annual sale and you’re handed a coupon to use at checkout (not to mention you’re almost overwhelmed with the selections of items on sale). So in a similar way, coupons can increase your current clients and potential clients’ happiness in addition to several other benefits that we’re going to talk about.

So, why run specials on our services/classes?

1. To encourage potential clients to try your services/classes with less investment/risk

Ever felt unsure of speaking with a new life coach in town or even trying out a new barbershop or salon? That's probably how some of your potential clients feel when they first find out about your business, and after they've perused your home page, about page, and looked at your services/classes, and prices, they may still be unsure and not fully ready to commit unless they can demo or have an introduction to your business with less risk and cost. This is why running a deal on certain services or even offering a complimentary consultation is especially helpful.

2. To encourage current clients to share their experiences with others & in turn increase your business

This one is almost a given, but we know that if one client has had a great experience, it's unlikely that he or she will neglect to tell someone else who needs your services/classes. Word of mouth is powerful. Additionally, social media is an even faster way to share experiences and information with friends, family, and colleagues. With deals, you lower a lot of initial investment, yet with great customer service, you're likely to go far in terms of having others hear about your work & gaining new clients.

3. To make your clients happy

This goes right back to the findings of the study we mentioned earlier in addition to the example. Don't you enjoy seeing a great deal in your inbox from one of your favorite service providers or stores? We know your customers are likely to be excited as well.

4. To be relevant & helpful

What do we mean? To provide introductory costs and or specials on timely services or classes. As an example, if you're a home service provider offering air conditioning and heating services, it would be great to run a deal on one of your air conditioning services for the summer and especially for customers who are new to your business. Parks and recreational places can offer outdoor equipment/facility rentals for a lower price during the summer months to new visitors and even add in a discount for a future visit. 

What are some ways we can notify clients of our deals?

1. Email

It's no surprise that email would be one of the more effective ways to let clients know you're running a deal. You can run an email campaign and send out emails regarding your special & target different segments of your client-base according to their likes, habits, etc. Email marketing services like MailChimp can help you with getting the message out without using outdated direct mail campaigns.

2. Social Media

Posting, advertising, or sharing your deal via a nice graphic such as the ones you can make with Relay can be eye-catching and newsworthy among your followers. Don't forget that knowing the best times to post on social are important to your message's success.

3. Text Messages

We're constantly on our phones, and a text message can often grab our attention when we know one's arrived in our inbox. Let your clients know when you have unexpected downtime and appointment slots available, or when your business has suddenly decided to offer a limited time deal on a service. You never know who might be interested and it's worth a try.


What should I consider before running these deals?

This is a must. Before running your deals and to avoid slip-ups and failed planning, be sure that each of your team members is aware of the deals, and that everyone is planning or has planned to have enough time in his/her schedules should traffic build up. It's important to keep the quality of your services while maintaining efficiency; sabotaging your quality could hurt your business, so that's something to keep in mind when running deals or else they could run you.

But as an overall takeaway, deals delight potential and existing clients, they can lower their stress levels, they can encourage clients to tell others, & they can encourage clients to return & even become helpful individuals to look to for advice on improvements.

Over to you

Are you ready to make your clients happy & increase your business with deals? We provide you with the ability to run coupons for your services & classes through our online scheduling system, and also receive payments online. If you're ready to get started today, head on over to sign up for free or one of our Professional Plans to help your client-base grow. Until next time, stay cool & happy Deal Season!