TMI Colonics Keeps Your Digestion (& Humor) On Track

Marianne Morrison is the founder of San Francisco based TMI Colonics

Marianne Morrison is the founder of San Francisco based TMI Colonics

If Marianne Morrison walks into a party not knowing anyone, she’ll walk out having learned many people’s bathroom secrets. “My husband jokes that it is almost a guarantee that by the end of any party, I’ll have a circle around me and be discussing someone’s poop problems,” Marianne, founder and owner of San Francisco based TMI Colonics, told me.

When she was 15, she suffered from fatigue and fibromyalgia (which she now believes to be undiagnosed Lyme disease) causing her to stop fun active activities and seek different treatments. With family support, she tried colon hydrotherapy and saw its effectiveness on her own body. 

“I’ve always been really open to alternative treatments,” she said. “I sought out colonics to make me feel better and it did. I began to study it, learning more about how interconnected the body is, and thought that if people knew the benefits, everyone would get them.” 

She can also see the change in perspective with people growing more open to alternative treatments in general. “In my conversations with people at parties or elsewhere, I am amazed at how much more open people will get about hard topics. People are really interested in digestive health but it’s not dinner table conversation and I think they’ve not had the right opportunity to talk about it until recently.”

Comfortable with Poop

It can be a difficult world for a girl who loves to talk (literal) shit. Marianne was first fascinated by the digestive track when she was a little girl, sitting at her mom’s feet as she took bathroom breaks. It made for an easy career choice for Marianne, even if full scale social acceptance is still catching on.

TMI Colonics

TMI Colonics

“Some people hear about colonics and think it is a super serious medical procedure that’s really scary. But, I wouldn’t do it if it was super serious. I love my job because I get to change people’s lives and talk about poop all day,” she said, laughing.

“My mission is to make people feel comfortable with it. People are usually really nervous because it’s new, they feel like it’s embarrassing or uncomfortable, they don’t know how it works, and they think it’s pretty clinical. I incorporate a lot of humor and lightheartedness in my conversations and walk those who are new to colonics through the whole process so they know how it works.”

TMI uses the most advance and user friendly equipment so that, if people are more comfortable inserting the device themselves, they can and are afforded complete privacy. “Most of my clients have a great sense of humor. I love the ones that come in and right off the bat make a poop joke. I know we’re going to get along then.”

The reason that it’s so important for everyone to grow more comfortable discussing poop is the same reason that Marianne believes everyone should get colonics. The more comfortable we are discussing it, the more likely we are to make sure we’re detoxifying our colons and thereby our bodies.

“It’s kind of like exercise, which keeps you active and your body functioning regularly. I hear from people all the time that ‘I’m happy with my digestive health; I don’t need colonics.’ That’s fine and I’d never force it on anyone, but what I try and emphasize is that in colonics, you’re detoxifying your liver, kidneys, bloodstream, and other systems which need cleansing just as much as your colon.”

We put toxins in our body with everything we eat and drink and, according to Marianne, “That’s the shit that turns into cancer. Our colon is our body’s sewage system. If we take care of it first then it lessens the toxic load we have to bear and the better overall benefits we have.”

The Benefits of a Business Coach

Marianne’s fun philosophy behind her practice is almost palpable when you visit her website. She’s done a great job showcasing her personality and establishing her brand which, as mentioned in other posts, can be a hard thing to balance alongside running a business.

“It took time and I learned from some mistakes,” she said of building her business up online, “but really the best thing I did was hire a business coach last year. She has a very focused niche market of only coaching female, holistic business owners and I think it’s important, in hiring a coach, to make sure they have some experience in your field.”

Being a holistic business owner, she describes herself as being very heart driven, almost like an artist. She loves helping people but says much of the business savvy stuff eluded her when she started out. “One of the great things about my coach is how much of a guide she has been for me in finding my voice, my target audience, and dealing with preconceived business thoughts that I’d picked up somewhere along my way.”

The benefits, though, are astronomical. “My business has really increased 10xs since working with her. I hadn’t operated a business before and so much of her experience made my experience greater.”

Online Booking: The Way the World is Heading

“I hate when I have to call to book appointments somewhere,” Marianne confessed. “So I knew when I was building out my website that I wanted to be able to take appointments online from the get go.” A web designer she hired started looking into some of the options and presented her with TimeTap.

“He told me that he thought it was my best bet and after playing around and discovering it was very user friendly (which was really important for me) we implemented it into my website. It allowed me to get a lot more business for same day and next day appointments,” she told me.

It also keeps her from having to answer the phone constantly. “I’d say that 99.9% of my appointments are booked online which is a huge time saver. The only people who call in are those who are new and have questions before booking. Being on the phone all day would definitely keep me from getting my work done.”

She also gets positive comments from clients who say it’s easier for them to not have to call and compare schedules over the phone or back and forth through email. “My clients love being able to book online,” she said, “and it helps me get more business.”

In the San Francisco area and interested in Colonics? Check in with Marianne and reap the benefits yourself.

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