Planning 101: How to Plan An Amazing Event with Online Booking

Ever went to an event and was so uplifted that you didn't want to leave? Are you now faced with the challenge of pulling off an event of your own this spring? A surprise birthday celebration, wedding, or conference? In today's blog post, we're going to take you back to some basics of planning and provide you with some tools to use to help encourage your creative & logical thoughts.


First things first, what are you planning?

A popular event that people attend throughout the spring and summer is a wedding, and it is amazing to see the color schemes and decorations that are brought together to make the couple’s union a memorable one. If you or a friend are planning a wedding, one of the first things you do is discuss you & your spouse’s ideas for the wedding.

Something that has become popular is the use of Pinterest to collect ideas, find beautiful color schemes, and (why didn't I think of this before) share wedding planning checklists.


If you are not sure of the right colors or are trying to work within a reasonable budget, you can check out these tips through help of Pinterest - thank you Pinteresters! :-)

Secondly, what’s your budget?

How much are you and your spouse (if both of you plan to contribute) planning to spend? Are you looking to plan a lavish or more private event? Whichever you decide, deciding a budget is important from the wedding venue, reception, food, honeymoon, to guests.

Back to our Pinterest users, here’s a nifty pin on budgeting to spend $3,000 for a wedding. The last item on our list of things to consider brings us to guest invitations.

Thirdly, who are you inviting & how will they RSVP?

It’s important to sit down and come up with the names of individuals you plan to invite to your celebration. It might be helpful to create another guest invitation list on your phone as a “running list” of individuals whom you plan to invite as you think of names.

After you’ve decided on beautiful invitations or even an app that will send invites to your guests’ emails, you can make RSVP-ing an easy step, and here’s how.

To spend less on paper RSVPs and be able to come up with a headcount of guests with several clicks of a button, sign up for a free web scheduler that would allow you to set up your wedding and guests to RSVP by visiting your wedding registration website and adding their names and any information you choose.

The great part about your guests registering to attend the wedding is that you can not only capture their names, addresses (for thank you cards), email addresses, and phone numbers, but you’ll also be able to find out if any guests might be allergic to certain foods served at the reception such as fruits or nuts. Try to make your guests comfortable by providing foods that everybody might be able to enjoy, even if your menu is something simple to include mashed potatoes, baked chicken, seasoned rice, dinner rolls, or other items that your guests would find appealing. Even neater, you can survey your guests by providing a list of items on the menu when they register to attend, and you’ll have their preferences. Chicken, veal, seafood...give them the freedom of choice if it can fit within your budget.

If you’re wondering how to show your guests a list like the one mentioned above for your wedding registration website, we explain the neat details here.

Fourth, what’s the location?

Your guests would probably not be happy if they circle the same block where your wedding is held three times, and finally find out about parking. Give your guests clear and concise details on the location and parking through an automatic email that’s sent out to the email address of each attendee. Additionally, when your guests register to attend, they can also see the address of your location if you add it from the Back Office. All they would need to do is pop in the address to a GPS system or follow the directions you provide on your website.

Fifth, mark your checklist & enjoy the celebration

As the big day approaches, continue to mark off your checklist and then enjoy the celebration with less hassles through good planning and scheduling. You’ve handled the guest invites with a cinch through online booking and are feeling like a boss because of the lesser likelihood that you had to open and sift through lots of RSVPs.

*One last bonus tip before our time ends

Wouldn’t it be great if your wedding registration website could include your colors and an image of you and your loved one? Well, with our system we’ve made it possible! Customize your website according to the colors of your choice with an image of you and your sweetheart.

If you, a friend, or someone else you know is planning a wedding soon, share these planning steps with them to help make the process an easier one and the event one to remember. If you're ready to set up your wedding registration website, get started with our Free Plan or if you're a professional wedding planner, get started with our Professional Solo Plan for only $19.95/month.

Until next time, happy planning & hope your event is one for the books!