5 Processes You Should Automate to Save More Time

Looking for some shortcuts to help you save time with business matters like posting to social profiles, sending out email newsletter, setting appointments, and receiving reminders? Well, you've made it just in time today because we have 5 processes we think you should put on autopilot to help save more time.

1. Social Media Posts

If you're usually logging in to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn just to make posts, you're doing this all wrong (unless of course you want to publish certain types of posts). Log in to one central social media/marketing management system like HootSuite or Buffer, choose your link, photo/video, add text, and choose a date and time. It's done :-) This also frees up some time to join in on conversations on social with followers and users who share your business' interests so that you can be social on social. 

Also, if you regularly publish blog posts for your subscribers, it's also important to make sure your content is getting the exposure it needs by letting your community know all while using your time more wisely.

2. Email Campaigns

Admittedly, it's probably pretty complicated if you try to make sure certain emails target certain clients who live in certain time frames (Whew, that was a lot of "certains"). So why not allowed an email marketing management system handle this for you? Capture subscriber emails, grow your business' list, tailor features for your brand, and even segment your email list to improve your outreach and response. Several top platforms to consider are MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor.

3. Appointments & Reminders

Don't you just enjoy getting that email that you missed an appointment with a client? No way - take more control of your appointments by placing them on autopilot. With our online scheduling system, clients can book appointments with you whenever your schedule has an available slot. This allows them to fit right into your working schedule without having to check and re-check your calendars. Our appointment booking system also gives you the ability to set and tailor reminders. Text message notifications are especially handy if you find yourself constantly on the go and away from your desk.

4. Welcome Emails

Trying to make sure every new client receives a welcome email is tedious. Why take an hour to send out forty emails when you can use that hour to provide a walkthrough of your services or have an onboarding tour? Allow your email marketing service to handle welcome emails for you after you've tailored it to your liking. You can follow up on those emails personally if you would like to for a personal touch or to extend a hand with understanding the services or classes that you offer.

5. FAQs

One easy way to automate client concerns are to create a FAQ page, include links to FAQs on your website/in your application, and to create FAQ videos that provide easy to follow walkthroughs. This frees up time with having to explain processes multiple times by linking or referring clients to a resource for help. To create these FAQs, though, you're going to have to anticipate clients' questions when it comes to your services or classes. Clients might ask, "Are there certain forms I need to bring to my appointment?", or "What types of group activities can I expect in this class?". Anticipate these questions ahead of time to help you build well-explained but concise responses.

And there you have it - 5 processes you should automate today to save more time. Know any other processes that we didn't mention here, but are good to know as well? Let us know in the comments box below or by chatting with us on social. We'd love to hear your thoughts! For now, happy automating!