Why Scheduling Interviews Can Be No Fun (And How to Fix It)

You’ve arrived. Tenth floor, second office on the right, and you open the blinds for the sunlight to come in. You unpack your briefcase, check your task manager, and then start checking emails. Three candidates are scheduled to interview with you today, but as you read through your emails you find that two candidates need to reschedule. One candidate plans to come in for a follow-up interview with a manager and that leaves you to check with the manager to see if his schedule is flexible. On top of that, you still need to file paperwork for 20 new employees and send out reminder emails for upcoming interviews by 3:00pm today...the list seems to drag on and you’re already beginning to get flustered with tasks for the day.

If this portrayal fits you with your schedule as a recruiter, "flustration" and all, allow me to let you in on a tip. As convenient as it may sound, I’m not going to recommend that you dial 1-800-Save a Recruiter, but I am going to recommend that your company consider using an online interview scheduler to better manage your scheduling needs.

And that’s not the only reason.

Interview scheduling can be a tough deal sometimes, but I’m here to help you fix it. Here’s how:


1. Show Candidates When You’re Available

Show candidates your hours of availability

Show candidates your hours of availability

One of the greatest things about online interview scheduling is that you can show candidates your days and times of availability. No more playing email tag when you’re trying to determine the best possible day and time to schedule the interview. Set up your hours of availability using our interview scheduling software, and through your scheduling website you’ll be able to show candidates the best possible times to interview.


2. Have Confirmation and Reminder Emails Sent Automatically

Once the interview has been scheduled through your scheduling website or through our backoffice system, candidates can automatically receive confirmation emails from you. Also, choose the time interval that is most suitable for your business for sending reminder emails. No more wading through a list of candidates to check off who you’ve sent reminder emails to--we handle the sending process for you after you’ve selected your preferences.


3. Conveniently Send Text Message Reminders

Send candidates text message reminders

Send candidates text message reminders

A reminder text message can make a huge difference if a candidate does not check his or her email very often. For moments when they’re away from a computer, they may likely be near their phones and can receive a reminder about their interview according to a time interval of your choice when setting up your reminders.





Remove time blockers that prohibit you from:


1. Keeping track of candidates’ documents

Reduce the risk of losing track of candidates’ paperwork with additional time on the clock. By showing candidates when you’re available through your online scheduler and automating messages, you’re one step ahead in time management. Have additional time to ensure that documents are completed correctly, and that they’re off to their destinations on time.

2. Taking notes following your interviews

Take notes following candidate interviews

Take notes following candidate interviews

Gain more time to take notes following your interviews while your memory is still fresh. Allowing candidates to schedule interviews online can lessen the amount of time you spend on the phone and checking voicemails. Take sufficient notes so that you’re able to screen and hire the best talent for open positions within your company.


Don’t become the flustered recruiter or talent manager around 3:00pm (or earlier). Relieve yourself of monotonous processes that take up valuable time and streamline interview scheduling to make the most of your, the candidate’s, and the company’s time. Remember, 1-800-Save a Recruiter can't fix your scheduling problems, but an online interview scheduler can. 

Until next time! Let us know how you’re saving time by automating the interview scheduling process. We want to hear from you! Drop us a comment in the box below.