5 Ways An Interview Scheduler Saves You Time

Don’t you appreciate the convenience of being able to order food online ahead of time? Say for instance you’re planning a dinner Friday evening after work, and have very little time to stop by the grocery store and cook the entire meal before your guests plan to arrive. So, your next move is to order a lasagna from your favorite Italian restaurant after you get off, pick it up on your way home, and add it to one of your serving dishes, then Bon Appetit!

Very little overhead as far as resources and work is concerned! Now imagine this convenience being carried over in the case of a Recruiter who has a limited amount of time to find candidates, get interviews scheduled, and assist new employees with the on-boarding process. Seems a little hectic doesn’t it? An online interview scheduler can provide great assistance with the interviewing process and save Recruiters more time to help them find and secure the best talent.

I want to share with you 5 ways that Recruiters can benefit from online interview scheduling:

Recruiters can save time with online interview scheduling

Recruiters can save time with online interview scheduling

1. Show Candidates Your Availability to Avoid Playing Email Tag

Tag you're it! That game's fun when you're actually playing it; however, when it involves scheduling it can be a little frustrating. As a recruiter, you'll no longer have to manually send the "Schedule Interview" email to potential candidates. Start and maintain momentum by automating the email process. Show candidates the dates, days, and times you're available for interviews through your online interview scheduler. Setup is a simple process after your account has been created. You can create a Service called "Interview" or any name that is suitable, and then add your Service Availability to show candidates which days and times you'll be available to accept interviews. From that point forward, candidates can use the link that you provide for them to schedule interviews with you. If your business offers initial and follow-up interviews, you can create separate Services for these types. 

2. Provide All Pertinent Details Before the Interview

Is your company's location a little difficult to find? Do candidates need to bring copies of their resumes and samples of their work? Your interview scheduler can provide candidates with pertinent details before their interview with you. Provide directions to your company's location, highlight that candidates need to bring copies of their resumes and samples of their work, and even provide your Skype Name for virtual arrangements.

3. Have More Time to Find the Best Talent

With online interview scheduling, you'll have more time to find the best talent that your company needs. Spend less time trying to remember notes from initial interviews by taking them online through your scheduling system. This will help you to be able to start at the correct place when meeting with candidates again for their follow-up interviews.

4. Be More Prepared for the Interview

It's bad to be ill-prepared for an interview. Be on top of your game by having more time to review candidates' backgrounds and experience so that you'll ask the necessary questions for securing good individuals for positions. Checking candidates in and out is also simple with a scheduling system that allows you to keep track of candidates who have arrived for and completed their interviews with you.

5. Focus on Assisting New Employees with the On-Boarding Process

One of your main goals is to make sure that new employees complete the on-boarding process and are ready to begin their first day with you. Focus on making sure that all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted prior to their first day with online interview scheduling that helps to streamline the interview scheduling process.

Ready to make the interview process more efficient for yourself and your colleagues? Start maximizing your time by signing up for a Free 30-Day Trial, and then let us know how online interview scheduling has transformed your busy agenda by dropping us a line in the Comment Box below.

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