When Can Two Heads Be Better Than One?

Let your good work habits be contagious

Let your good work habits be contagious

The title of this post can actually resonate in a number of ways, and I am sure you can think of many, but we’re going to go deeper than the issue itself into the inner workings of productivity and question if productivity can actually be contagious. No, I’m not speaking in a negative sense here, but in a positive sense in wondering if I sat near someone who was engaged at work, would I be influenced to work as well?

We’ll start with some research to back up this inquiry. According to the article “Is Productivity Contagious” by Jessica Stillman from Inc.com, research has shown that when one working individual performs well on a difficult task, and there is another individual nearby who is working as well, the person sitting nearby increased their focus and effort (Stillman). This obviously says something regarding work efforts and concentration when it comes to working near someone who is busy at work. So, we can make an empirical conclusion that in the case of productivity two heads can be better than one.

If you think back to your school days and how when you tended to be in an area where a lot of students were, did that make you feel like you wanted to be productive or more productive based on the environment and the activity of individuals in the environment? A great example could be a student walking into a library and sitting down amongst other students ticking away at their assignments. It would be likely that the student would be compelled to work due to the activity in the environment.

Now for application--consider how you currently are with your productivity. Could you use a boost, or do you need to manage your priorities better? Improvement is not a bad thing as long as it is made positively. You could consider creating a time management sheet to help with increasing your productivity or try these 3 tips to help you manage your responsibilities better. If you own a small business or are an employee of a small business, you can probably relate to working near others who are chipping away at their tasks.

What are thoughts on how two heads can be better than one? Let us know in the comment box below.