Battle Procrastination with These 3 Quick Tips

It’s 1:30 p.m. and you’ve just completed your last class for the day. The next thing that comes to mind is to catch the cafe before it closes, so you hurry over to the cafe and notice that tables have begun to clear. You’ve grabbed lunch and the yummy dessert of vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup & sprinkles, and now you’re headed back the dorm...but wait, don’t you have homework you can do? Oh yeah, you can do your work back at the dorm. In reality, you know you’re not going to get very much done.

I have been a college student & am currently a college student. I know what it is like to procrastinate after classes, but you will reap what you sew--if you choose to listen to music, do a little reading, & work out that evening without making an effort to complete your homework before it is due, you may place yourself in an unhappy position. If you wait until the last minute to complete your work, that could lead to further stress, and you could be procrastinating as a means of avoiding being uncomfortable in doing your work, but that could be to your harm. If you see a bleak road ahead for yourself, it’s time to re-think where you stand and choose a better path.

As a student, employee, daughter, sister, and one who holds various other roles, I have found some tips that have proven helpful for me concerning productivity. If you are a student who is struggling with procrastination or not a student but still have difficulty with getting things done, here are a few tips that might be able to help.


1. Stop going back to the dorm - choose a neutral location for work

    One of my greater problems when I was a student who lived on campus was going back to my dorm room after classes and not completing most of my assignments. What I learned was that a neutral location helped me to avoid distractions and focus in on my work. Some example of neutral locations can be a library on campus, a local library in your city, study areas, empty classrooms, open office space, or even if you’re close with someone like a Mom or Dad away from home and they offer a place for you to do your work. Neutral locations work well for me when I need to block out distractions to get work done.


2. Treat your assignments as job responsibilities

    Don’t take assignments lightly; they’re there to help you learn the course material. Sometimes a person can undervalue their education, and once they’re done with a class or have graduated they may encounter situations that require certain knowledge that they didn’t obtain because they didn’t make a great effort at learning the material in a certain class or classes. Don’t regret not having taken assignments seriously--treat them as job responsibilities. When you’re on the job you are expected to fulfill the tasks that are given to you. As a student, you are expected to study & do your best to excel in your courses. Both are roles and roles have expectations.


3. Create a schedule & try to stick to it

    This was a tip that was taught early-on when I was a college student living on campus. When you create a schedule, you are making plans and planning out tasks is a start to productivity. Try planning out your tasks and responsibilities a day in advance and if you want, a week in advance. You should set aside time for homework, projects that may take extended amounts of time to complete, group meetings, break hours for lunch, & more. Don’t forget to maintain your health as it is important to work and take care of yourself.

Those are just 3 tips that I find helpful when trying to beat procrastination after classes. Don’t be a victim to procrastination, plan for victory and start making efforts to walk on a better path today.

If you have any additional tips you would like to add or comments, feel free to let us know below.