Efficient Web Scheduling for Academic Professionals

The school year is in full swing for faculty, staff, & students. From classes, to after school practices, games, and events--if you are a faculty or staff member you just might have your hands full.

One essential that isn’t likely to be missing for you, however, is keeping a schedule, and here at TimeTap we know just how important it is to stay on top of your responsibilities. In comes the web scheduler!

Web scheduling is especially handy for those instances when trying to keep up with a sticky note or written list just doesn’t work. In addition to saving time, you can also avoid the hassle of physically trying to remember where you’ve put your note and cross off items. However, before you decide it’s time to commit to using a web scheduler, you should consider the features that would be helpful for maintaining your schedule. If you are an administrator, teacher, or substitute teacher it’s likely that you spend a considerable amount of time using technology throughout the day, and having a web scheduler that provides email and text message reminders for academic conferences, meetings, school events, & more is very convenient when you’re on the move. Here’s how administrators can benefit from web scheduling:

  • Set up schedules to show availability for standing appointments or meetings such as brief appointments with faculty and staff members

  • Keep track of meetings and which staff members are attending particular meetings--such as after school program committee meetings, sports program committee meetings, & more

  • View the locations of academic conferences and directions if they’re available

  • Receive text message alerts for new and cancelled appointments


Those are just several ways that an administrator can benefit from keeping a web scheduler. If you’re a teacher, you can also use a web scheduler to your advantage to help you:

  • Provide parents with your availability for parent-teacher conferences without the hassle of sending and responding to multiple emails

  • Receive email reminders and text message alerts for parent-teacher conferences

  • Prevent time-overruns during conferences with buffer room

  • Record & view conference notes


If you are a substitute teacher, you can also benefit by keeping a web scheduler in the following ways:

  • Keep track of subbing days

  • If traveling between various schools, know which schools you are subbing for and their locations

  • If subbing a class for an extended amount of time, maintain dates of teacher assignments and assessments

  • Show parents availability for meetings


In addition to administrators, teachers, and substitute teachers, academic advisors & guidance counselors can also benefit by using a web scheduler to show their availability for appointments & keep track of school meetings as well.

If you find yourself struggling to keep engagements by sticky notes, note cards, or a journal, you should consider trying our web scheduler. We provide you with the aforementioned features of email reminders, availability scheduling, text message alerts, multiple location staff scheduling (text message alerts & multiple location staff scheduling features are available if you sign up for TimeTap Plus), & more. Start managing your schedule online today with TimeTap to help you stay on track throughout the school year.

Know any other ways academic professionals can benefit from using a web scheduler? Drop us a comment below to share your ideas!