Printable Appointment Calendar Card for Salon Clients

Whenever I go to get my haircut, I can never remember exactly what I told my stylist to do the last time, but I always remember loving it.

Today we’re publishing printable appointment calendar cards for stylists to give to their clients. This way, you can quickly fill out what you did during their appointment and they have a little keepsake from you and can ask for either the same thing next time or something different.

On the appointment card, you can fill in the name of your salon, the date and time of the appointment, what specific service you offered, how much it cost, and then suggest a time for them to come back and see you to maintain optimal hair health (and keep those split ends at bay). You also have a place on the printable calendar card to list recommended products.

Free appointment cards for stylists & hair dressers

Free appointment cards for stylists & hair dressers

If your clients scheduled their appointment with you using a web scheduler, you could send them this appointment card all filled out in their appointment completed email. There’s also the added benefit that the appointment card is super chic to encourage people to put it on their refrigerator for all house guests to see.

Salon appointment card

Salon appointment card

Not only will it be used to remind them to make a next appointment, but it’ll give a really positive brand image for you. It’s also just a small giveaway which can make a huge difference because, hey, when your clients love your work, you want to give them something simple to take home and remember you by. 

To use the appointment card, simply access the printable file and click the “download” button. This will pull up the PDF in your browser which you can then save or print at your leisure. Once you’ve got it printed out, you’ll have something handy to tell clients:

  • When their appointment was
  • Which stylist it was with
  • What the particular service was
  • How much it cost
  • When they should make their next appointment
  • Product recommendations

We recommend getting this printed on cardstock if you really want clients to cherish them. It will make the appointment calendar card itself more durable, too. 

One thing that’s so important here to getting more appointments for the stylists at your salon is to go ahead and recommend follow up dates for the people booking with you. For me, I have no idea how frequently I should get my hair cut. I know I should go to the dentist every six months for a cleaning (because they tell me I should) but my stylists never tell me when I should go back to keep my split ends from getting unruly.

If you don’t currently tell clients when they should make their next appointment, this printable calendar card will help you incorporate that easily.