Free Quarter-Year Resolution Template

We’ve talked already about the inherent flaws in setting broad, year-long resolutions and why setting focused quarter-year resolutions actually increase the likelihood of success. Today on our calendar downloads and schedule templates blog, we’re bringing you a companion template for your new practice of setting one resolution at a time.

Instead of our standard printable weekly calendar or appointment book templates, this resolution setter is for you to pen down what your committed to in the second half of 2015 and prioritize the order that your going to go after your goals.

Once you download the template, you can fill in your goals for each quarter in the respective boxes. You can also include a little bit about what process or system you’re going to put in place to make sure you reach the goal. 

Click the button below to get your free quarter-year resolution setter:

One of the reasons why quarter-year resolutions work so well is that it requires that you put full focus on one goal for a certain period of time instead of splitting your focus on multiple goals over the course of the year. As with anything, if you give something your full focus you are much more likely to complete what you’ve set out to do.

This rule applies not only to new year’s resolutions, but also to the common internet-age tendency to multi-task. Except for those with the highest self-discipline, the majority of us can’t help but to open up 20 tabs in our browser while checking our email and trying to make a list of what we want to do for the day. This behavior drives productivity into the gutter and makes it so that really completing a task takes much longer than it should.

Once you get into the habit of working on one goal at a time, I think you’ll see that that kind of priority management will sneak into the way you manage your routine from day to day.

You’ll only put one goal down in each of the 4 sections on the quarter-year resolution setter (shown below), and you can build upon this habit by narrowing down your goals over even shorter periods of time (like for the week or the day). Once you stop multi-tasking with your goal setting and start seeing the benefits of staying narrowly focused for a given period of time, I doubt you’ll want to go back to being the type of person who is always trying to accomplish too much at once.

Once you print and fill in your free resolution setter, get in touch with us over on Twitter @tmtap and let us know what your focusing on for the third quarter of 2015.

Now, grab a pen, write down your resolutions, and start focusing.

Happy New Year!