A Soft Announcement of TimeTap Plus

The TimeTap elves have been busy coding away the next big update for our online scheduling software: TimeTap Plus.

As our earliest of users know, TimeTap launched with our initial free plan back in late November 2014. TimeTap Plus will be the first version of our software that will be offered on a paid subscription basis. As of May 5th, 2015, TimeTap Plus is still in its Beta stages and will be offered at no charge until we get the rest of the features that we plan to offer built into the app.

So for the next two months or so, you can signup for a free TimeTap web scheduler and upgrade to try all the features available on TimeTap Plus at no cost. By upgrading, you’ll get to use the service free of charge and try out adding multiple staff, syncing your account to your Google Calendar, and exporting your appointment and client lists into Excel. We have other exciting features that we’ll be releasing during our Beta period that we’ll announce to our TimeTap users.

We’re sure you have questions about how this whole Beta period will work and how you’ll be charged for staff. I will try to answer those questions in this blog post, but if you have other questions please contact us and we’d be happy to answer them directly.

Question 1: How do I get access to TimeTap Plus during the Beta Period?

Gained features with TimeTap Plus

Gained features with TimeTap Plus

During our Beta release, the only way to get access to TimeTap Plus is by signing up for a TimeTap Free account (get yours here). Once you’ve signed up for the TimeTap Free account, then in the top right corner of the app you’ll see your name dropdown with an option to “Change Plans” underneath it. Click the button to change plans and you’ll be able to upgrade from TimeTap Free to the TimeTap Plus during the Beta period.

Question 2: How long will the Beta Period last? Will my access to TimeTap Plus be cut off immediately?

We have a few more features to build out in order to get TimeTap Plus to where we want it for our paying subscribers. We estimate that it will take us about 2 months to get all these features built out, tested, and added to the app. So, to answer the first part of this question the Beta Period will last approximately 60 days. We launched on April 21st, 2015 so the Beta Period will likely end around the third to fourth week in June.

When the Beta period does end, however, we will not cut you off immediately. We will give everyone who joined TimeTap Plus during the beta period an extra 30 days free to decide whether they want to subscribe. So, rest easy. If you upgrade to try it out you will not just be immediately cut off. You’ll still have time to decide once the Beta Period ends.

Question 3: What specific features will I get from TimeTap Plus?

You’ll still have access to all of the features included with the TimeTap Free version of the web scheduler (unlimited appointments, unlimited services, unlimited clients, automated emails, adjustable timezones, the works), but you’ll also get:

  • The ability to add more staff

  • Two-way sync for each individual staff person’s account with Google Calendar

  • Export your appointment or client list with additional fields into Excel

  • Offer unlimited class based bookings

  • Ask for custom field information for clients and appointments

  • In house phone support (no call centers for us)

You can compare the plans feature to feature over on our documentation site available here.

Question 4: What counts as a staff person? If I have an office assistant who doesn’t accept appointments, is he/she considered a “staff”?

Once our Beta period ends and you’ve had your 30 day free trial, if you decide to upgrade to TimeTap Plus, then you will be charged for any of the staff people on your account that need to have appointments set with them.

If you have staff people that need access to the application but do not take appointments themselves, you will not be charged for their access to your TimeTap account. This works well if you have an office assistant who manages the appointments for all the staff in the office but doesn’t see clients him/herself.

If you add staff people that do accept appointments, then once you subscribe to TimeTap Plus you will start getting charged for the additional staff person as soon as you add them to your account.

You can delete staff at anytime from your account and will stop being charged for that staff’s TimeTap account.

Question 5: What if my staff members all have different availability for appointments?

That’s no problem at all! With TimeTap Plus, each staff person you add can have his/her own unique schedule for appointments. You can also assign different services to different staff and the duration for each service will break down the staff person’s availability into equal appointment time slots.

You’ll be able to view each of your staff member’s availability individually from their unique staff profile, or you can view them grouped together from your Location Availability tab.

You can customize everyone’s schedule on the fly so that their appointment availability is always up to date.

Can I go back to TimeTap Free if I don’t like TimeTap Plus?

Yes, you can downgrade to TimeTap Free if TimeTap Plus isn’t for you. All you have to do is login to TimeTap as the Account Owner and go to your Change Plans page from your name dropdown in the top right of the app. From the Change Plans page, just hit the “Downgrade” button underneath the Free plan section to move from TimeTap Plus to TimeTap Free.

We aren’t doing a huge announcement for this release as of right now. We may do something bigger than just a blog post once we are out of our Beta period. For now, however, we’re keeping it pretty under the radar so we can stay focused on getting the rest of the features out that will be included with TimeTap Plus.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us and we’d be happy to answer them. If you are interested in trying out TimeTap Plus during our Beta period, go ahead and signup for a free TimeTap web scheduler by clicking the button below: