Free Daily Schedule Template for Working Professionals

While to-do lists are helpful as a quick brain dump, the most productive people have a system of scheduling everything. This week, we’re bringing you a schedule template download that will make your to-do list and schedule collaborate like no one’s business.

We’re all accustomed to jotting down an endless list of “to-do” items, but few of us are into the habit of actually scheduling out those to-dos. This template puts your most important daily to-do items right next to the schedule you’re setting for yourself so you can make sure the highest priority items have a place in your day.

We have also added a section at the very top (so that it is the first thing you think about) to bring some happiness into your undoubtedly hectic day. Instead of just sitting down at your desk and brain dumping your to-do list, our daily schedule template prompts you first to put down something that motivates you and one thing you’re grateful for.

I have printed off several of these templates myself and had them bound together at my local FedEx for a grand total of $6.53. I have been using them to not only help organize my day, but as a daily reminder to practice gratitude. If you want to use the daily schedule template for that purpose, too, click the button below to get a downloadable copy:

Free Daily Schedule Template

Free Daily Schedule Template

What’s the benefit of putting down something to motivate you and something you’re grateful for on top of your daily schedule? Well, unless you’ve had your head under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of the endless benefits in practicing gratitude (add link) to boost your happiness.

Practicing gratitude leads to greater levels of happiness and and a greater sense of purpose. Purpose-driven individuals tend to be more productive in their work tasks and personal development.

The space at the top of your free daily schedule template is for you to brainstorm one thing that you’re grateful for and the reason why you’re grateful for it. This can serve as the motivation to get through your daily tasks, or you can add an inspirational quote or phrase in that box to boost motivation for your day.

The added benefit here is that if you keep up with your daily schedule templates then over the course of time you will have a wealth of things you’re grateful for and things that motivate you. You can pull any of these sheets out on a day you’re just not feeling tip-top to help lift you up.

As you’ll see on the image below, this is a very basic, clean layout. The no-frills template will help you to focus strictly on what tasks are at hand today:

Free Daily Schedule Template with a place to write in a quote & what you're thankful for

Free Daily Schedule Template with a place to write in a quote & what you're thankful for

If you have any set appointments during your day, you can obviously fills those in at the exact times on your schedule. Otherwise, take your to-dos and space them out throughout your day. If you need any help with getting appointments on your schedule, check out the free web scheduler we provide.

Do you have any habits in place for writing down your to-do lists for the day? Do you go so far as to schedule your to-dos to fill up your day? Let us know about the tools you use in the comments below.