Free Daily Schedule Template for Guidance Counselors

Guidance counselors have a large responsibility resting on their shoulders. Advising potentially hundreds of students on their class decisions to help direct their future is a lot of pressure and, without some forethought to organization, could get really confusing really fast.

With so many students to keep track of and advise on class choices, college choices, career choices, and general life choices, how do you keep from mix Johnny M. up with Johnny S? We recommend taking notes for each appointment you have on one of our daily schedule templates.

This printable appointment calendar was designed with guidance counselors in mind. You can put down the name of the student you’re meeting with, the location you’re meeting at (whether it’s your office or a classroom), the reason for your meeting, some appointment notes, and a good time for your next appointment.

You can immediately access a complete free download of this blank calendar to manage your student appointments by clicking the button below:

Free Appointment Book Template for Guidance Counselors

Free Appointment Book Template for Guidance Counselors

We’ve made other work schedule templates like this, but they are mostly for paid service providers. This time, we’ve customized it for counselors who are not directly paid by a student at the time of the appointment. Take a look:

An appointment template customized for Guidance Counselors

An appointment template customized for Guidance Counselors

The nice thing about note taking is that you don’t need to record the whole session in order to jog your memory and remember the gist of the meeting. Instead, you can just jot down the main points covered and any decisions reached, and you’ll have a good handle on how your appointment went.

You can use the handwritten notes you take during your appointment and apply them to a free web scheduler that you use to set appointments. (BTW if you’re looking for a fantastic free web scheduler, make sure to sign up for our free TimeTap plan). This will make your notes per student easy to access the next time your student comes in to meet with you.

The other nice field to make note of at the time you’re meeting with a student is the best date to look for a next appointment on. This will differ on a student by student basis and is likely to be one of the hardest things to remember at the end of your day. Making a quick note of it at the time of your meeting will make it easy to go to your web scheduler at the end of the day and input follow up appointments.

We hope this daily schedule template will help you stay organized with all the appointments on your calendar and keep the students straight.

Have a suggestion for a different schedule template? We’d love to hear from you. Leave your feedback in the comments below and we can design a template specific for your needs