Getting Clients to Book on your Web Scheduler

Have you ever taken a lot of time to set something up, exerted so much effort to really think through the quirks and challenges, only to be disappointed by the results?

When this happens in my work life or on something I’m working on personally, I can get really frustrated and down on myself. Often I wonder if any of the effort I put in was worth it at all or if it was just a big waste of time and energy.

If I’m looking to move on from this would-be-waste in the most productive way, however, it isn’t beneficial for me to stick with this mindset. I need to instead determine whether I need to take further action to get to results I’ll be happy with or cut my losses.

Oftentimes, businesses or professionals will reach this decision point after they’ve taken steps to set up their web scheduler. They spent days sorting through all the different scheduling solutions out there and after deciding on one spent at least a few hours customizing their account. They are finally at a point where their booking process looks awesome and they’ve embedded their scheduler on their website and even their Facebook page.

After all this hard work, the business sits back & (metaphorically) puts their feet up waiting for the appointments to start rolling in…and then they don’t. Maybe a few trickle in here and there but not the hoards that they were expecting.

“What’s the deal?!” the business asks frantically. “My scheduler looks great and I’ve put it up everywhere. Why aren’t more clients making appointments?”

I know this sort of frustration well. While I understand the expectation that appointments will just start effortlessly rolling in, I hate to say that the need for marketing and outreach doesn’t go away.

In order to up the number of clients who are visiting your scheduler to make appointments, you need to understand that humans want to feel wanted. Humans love it when we reach out to them personally and ask them to do something that doesn’t feel like it is something everyone else is also being asked to do.

Here are a few ways to reach out to your clients to get more to your web scheduler to set appointments with you:

Promote your web scheduler with these 3 tips

Promote your web scheduler with these 3 tips

Client Outreach Tip 1: Send a personal email requesting them to book with you

For businesses who have just started online scheduling, clients may not realize that you’ve even set up online scheduling. A great way to introduce online scheduling to your clients is to send them a personalized email with a link to your online scheduling page and a few of the benefits they will get from booking online.

With TimeTap’s free web scheduler, you can also assign each of your clients a login to make them feel like it is even more personalized for them.

Here’s an swipeable email template you can use to send to the people you want to book with you that will help to drive them to your scheduling site:

Hey Jane,

We’ve just set up online scheduling for our business and I wanted to send you a short note as I’d love for you to be one of the first people to try it out.

I want to make this a really easy and efficient way to book an appointment with our business. If you were looking to reserve a time slot for one of our services in the near future, I know you’d be able to provide valuable feedback on our booking process.

I’ve already set you up with a password so you can login to our scheduler using the credentials below:


Password: test

You can login, view your appointment history, or make a new appointment with us here: [insert online scheduling link]

If this email catches you at a time where you’re not looking to make any appointments, I totally understand. I just hope you’ll keep the online scheduling option in mind for any appointments you are looking to make in the future.

Your Name

The nice thing about this sort of email is that you are asking a person in a very individualized way if they would be willing to help you out by giving you feedback. Most people will happily oblige and you could see an increase in appointments because of it. If they’re not looking for an appointment right now, you have at least served the purposes of staying in touch with a client as well as making them aware of your new booking option.

One important thing to note here is that you are keeping it short but making sure to fill it with easy action items that the client can accomplish. If you send them something much longer than this, most people won’t read it. If you send them something much shorter than this, you might not provide the right amount of information to get them to take direct action.

Finally, the thing about this personalized email is that all humans (your clients included) really treasure anyone, including a business, telling them that they value their feedback and want them to book with them. There are very few businesses that reach out on this personal basis and make customers feel like they are uniquely valued for their patronage.

Client Outreach Tip 2: Post about it on social

If you are anything like me, brainstorming what to post on your social media channels for the week is one of the most dreaded work tasks. You know you want to share something that’s meaningful to the people who follow you, but it just seems sort of pointless if there’s no action to take behind it.

While you do want to split between giving and asking on social media (what Gary V calls jab, jab, jabbing before your right hook), an online scheduling system lowers the barriers when you do finally ask your followers to take action. It’s easy & direct to tell followers “We’ve got openings for appointments tomorrow. Come get them while they’re available at [insert scheduling link]”.

There’s not a whole lot of services that your business can put to use that are easily shareable and result in instant growth of your customer base. Sign up for a free web scheduler with TimeTap to give this a go on your Facebook page or Twitter posts.

Client Outreach Tip 3: Add a link to it on your email signature

Emails, emails, emails. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them, either way I am always reading and sending them.

Your email footer is an easy place to include a link to your scheduling site that will garner a view for every email you send out. Having a link and an enticing click trigger (like “Reserve your next appointment in less than a minute”) will push more people through to your site.

As is the goal with any of these client outreach tips, your intention should be to drive qualified traffic to your scheduling page. Having a book now button in your email signature is not only a consistent reminder to the people you interact with to book an appointment, but it’s also pretty clear what anyone clicking on that button would intend to do.

Embedding a button on your email signature is really easy and once you’ve finished it will maintain itself even if you change the url for your scheduling page. It’s also a softer sort of outreach which is great for professionals who don’t want to appear as though they are coming across as pushy or invasive.

These 3 tips are great to get you started on driving clients to your net scheduler to book appointments with you. We will be posting more tips in the weeks to come so stay tuned!

Have you had to use innovative ways to drive clients to your scheduling site? If so, what methods did you use and what results did you see? Let us know about them in the comments below!