Appointment Confirmation Emails = Less Holiday Stress

It’s hard to enjoy the holiday season if you are constantly worrying about work. This should be a time where we all get to unplug for a few days and spend time with family, but that can be really hard, particularly for appointment based businesses.


What the Christmas season most readily brings to mind for me is time spent with family. I’ve been blessed every year to make it home for the holidays and I love getting to spend a few days with my parents, my brothers, and my sisters.

But, when you’re constantly thinking about whether you have missed calls or if you’ve responded to all your clients, there’s no way you can be fully present with your family & loved ones. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution to relieve you of your burden.

A web scheduler that’s customized for your business will keep your company in motion over the holidays even when you’re not there to attend to it. People want to book appointments when they think about booking appointments, not when you’re able to return their phone call. Fortunately, by embedding a web scheduler on your site you can quickly satisfy what your clients are looking for and free up your time.

The real time saver comes in with the automated appointment confirmation emails that you can customize for your business. Set up your appointment confirmation email template to match the tone and language that your business uses and you’ll never again have to engage in the back and forth email chain confirming someone’s scheduled time.

TimeTap offers a ton of automated email templates and text message templates for you to send to your clients at key times in the appointment life cycle. They’re easy to customize and once you’ve set them up, you’re done! You can just sit back and count all that time you’re saving.

Once you’ve signed up for a TimeTap web scheduler account, come back here to follow the step by step guide on how to customize your appointment confirmation email within the app.

Customizing your Appointment Confirmation Email

Once clients book an appointment on your web scheduler, they’ll immediately receive an email to confirm their appointment. You can edit the template for this email in the Emails & Messages section under the Settings menu:

Emails & Messaging section

Emails & Messaging section

On the list of emails, you’ll see the two types of new appointment emails: the one by client and the one by staff. You can use the two templates to differentiate between the appointment confirmation message a client receives when they book an appointment versus when you schedule an appointment for them.

Click on the template you wish to customize from the list and click the “Edit Template” button in the bottom right:

Choose an email template to customize

Choose an email template to customize

This will make your template editable so that you can customize the message. You’ll notice a lot of text between percentage signs (%). These are what we call tags and they act the same way merge fields do in other email editors.

Essentially, whenever the email template generator sees a tag, it will first ask itself “What appointment am I sending this email out for?”. It will find the appointment record and then ask itself, “Now that I know the appointment, what information is this tag asking me for?”. If the tag is, for instance, %CLIENT_FIRSTNAME%, then the email generator will look for the first name of the client that the appointment is with and push the first name into the email that is sent out in place of the text between the percentage signs on the template.

When the template is in edit mode, you can change a number of things like including a recipient in the CC field, changing the subject line, or (of course) editing the message itself:

Edit the email template

Edit the email template

Once you are done making your changes, press the “Save Changes” button at the bottom. If you want, you can also copy the changes you’ve made here to your other New Appointment email template if you don’t want to differentiate them based on where the appointment was booked.

Test your templates by making an appointment on your web scheduler

Now that you’ve made changes to your template, it is really important that you test these changes out! Go through your web scheduler on your mini website by clicking the “Preview Scheduler” button at the top of the Emails & Messaging page.

This will let you know how your changes look and if all the tags are merging properly. If you have problems with it, please contact our support team and we’d be happy to help you resolve them!

Don’t let the template editing party stop there!

Once you’ve got the knack of customizing your appointment confirmation email, go ahead and go through the rest of your email templates, too to get them to sound like your business and brand.

There’s a ton of benefits in customizing your appointment messages and you’ll want to use your web scheduler to take full advantage of them. We’ve got some great tips on how to write a friendly reminder email as well as the ingredients that you need to make sure your appointment confirmation emails have.

Have you had a lot of success customizing your appointment messages to match your brand? Tell us about it in the comments below.