A Web Scheduler for All Your Locations

A good scheduler is hard to find. Harder still is finding a web scheduler that will allow your team to be booked at any location they work out of, regardless of the time zone that location is in.

I’m here to tell you folks: your hunt is over! TimeTap’s web scheduler will allow your team to be bookable at any location. These locations may be physical office spaces or it may be a virtual location like Skype or over the phone.

The best part is that you can add all these locations and manage their appointments from a single TimeTap account. There’s no need to jump back and forth between different scheduling systems to keep track of all the places you offer appointments out of.

You can also configure your team scheduler to allow for clients to book appointments where you come to them. This may be scheduling at a client’s house for a deep cleaning treatment or their office for a consultation meeting.

Once you’ve setup your locations in TimeTap, you’ll see each of them in your active location list view:

Locations landing page

You can click into each location to manage them individually. You can also setup staff with hours of availability at your multiple locations:

Adding staff availability

Now that you have locations setup and have configured staff to work at them, you can visit your client facing web scheduler to see how they look.

Locations on your Web Scheduler

It would be pointless to have multiple locations if there weren’t a way to differentiate between them when clients are booking. They should be able to choose the location that’s most convenient for the appointment that they’re scheduling.

When clients are going through the booking flow, they can select which of your locations they want to book at:

Viewing locations through the web scheduler

They’ll only be able to book with staff who have availability at the locations they’ve selected. If the location is in a different timezone than they’re in, we’ll automatically adjust the times that display for appointments so it lines up with the time zone of your client.

Locations in TimeTap’s Back Office

Just as clients can choose between locations on your web scheduler, so too can your staff. If your staff has access to a certain location, then when they go to book an appointment they can choose between the locations they have access to.

Adding new appointment and choosing a location

Once they’ve chosen the location, they’ll see the staff list filter down to only show the staff who are available at that location. This makes it super simple to get the appointment on the right staff member’s calendar for the right day.

After saving a new appointment, you can view it on your calendar view. Your calendar view can be color coded either by staff or location. By color coding by location, you’ll see what the schedule looks like at any given location.

View location on your calendar

Have you struggled with managing appointments at multiple locations? Try signing up for a free trial of TimeTap and see how the multiple location management tool makes for easy scheduling online! Once your account is setup, you can immediately allow clients to book through your web scheduler.

Let us know in the comments below what kind of management tools you need for your mutliple locations!