Save 5 Minutes Later with These 20 Second Activities

We all want to manage our time better, but many of the ways promoted by self-help gurus or inspirational blogs require huge shifts in our habits and routines. In order to be more productive, we need time management activities that will give us immediate results without a huge shift in our current lifestyles.

That’s why in today’s blog post we’re going to go through 9 different ways where you can spend 20 seconds doing something that will ultimately save you 5 minutes or more later on.

Everything on this list is something that undoubtedly comes up for you or your household on a daily or weekly basis. You may not even realize that some of these things are sucking up your time the way they are.

While following these rules won’t put hours back into your day at the start, they will get you on the path towards having an identity of someone who values efficiency & productivity. In order to be the most productive person you can be, you have to first stop whatever associations (or excuses) you make in identifying as a “procrastinator”.

When I have friends who are trying to make a change in their life (whether that is losing weight, moving on from a “failed” relationship, or starting a new chapter in their career) the first thing I try to help them with is creating an empowering identity statement for themselves.

They may have been saying to themselves “I’m fat” for years. While I don’t believe in lying to yourself (and turning the statement into “I’m skinny”) I do promote making the statement action oriented. Instead of saying “I’m fat” and bemoaning that as you are trying to lose weight, change the statement to “I’m on a journey to a healthy lifestyle.” There is no lie in that but it is a totally different identity, and there’s a lot of power in identity.

So, if you have long had the identity of a “procrastinator” but would love to use your time more efficiently, then work on changing what you say to yourself. Instead of saying “I’m a procrastinator” start saying “I am in the process of finding ways to use my time more effectively.” This way you are not lying to yourself, but you will see that creating this new identity will strengthen you as you find ways to more effectively use your time.

And after you’ve changed up your identity statement, come try on some of these tips for size!

9 tasks that will take you 20 seconds now but save you 5 minutes (or more) later

There you have it. 9 life hacks for spending a little bit of time now to save a lot of time later. If you are looking to save tons of time on getting clients scheduled for appointments with your business, consider setting up a free web scheduler with TimeTap.

Do you have any quick habits in your life that end up saving you oodles of time later on? Tell us about them in the comments below!