How To Write a Friendly Reminder Email

How to write a friendly reminder email

Some may venture to say that appointment reminder emails (and/or calls, text messages) are what keep establishments functioning. To businesses, appointments are the most important factors of their work day, but to the clients, it’s just another thing on their list. Their worlds typically won’t stop if they miss their appointment. This is where a sound appointment reminder service becomes vital and precious to the business workflow.

To top things off, having a simple reminder is not enough. It’s proven that clients respond better to a welcoming tone and a friendly approach. This is why mastering the art of writing a friendly reminder email is vital to your company. We will also discuss the wrap sheet of what exactly to include in these notes to clients.


Step 1: Make It Personal

Give friendly reminder emails a personal tone

Whether it’s a text reminder for a hair appointment or an email about an important surgery, people appreciate a genuine tone. Don’t try too hard to sound excited about the upcoming appointment or too worried they will miss it; just speak in a real, practical way.

There is a gaping difference between receiving a reminder that’s blunt and impersonal and receiving one that is friendly and genuine. 9 times out of 10, I’m going to respond to a text reminder that says, “Hey Kaitlin, we’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 3pm. Please give us a heads up if you’ll need to reschedule or cancel (we’ll understand, but we’ll miss you). Otherwise, we’ll be ready to (whatever the service may be) tomorrow. Have a great (current day)!”

Whereas I wouldn’t feel as compelled to respond to “Your appointment is tomorrow at 3pm EDT. Inform us of a cancellation. Thanks.” Hands down, I will always choose feeling like I’m a person rather than just another paying customer.

Step 2: Make It Clean And Clear

Make the email clear and concise

Get to the point and be precise. Most of these emails and reminder letters will be read while the client is doing something else (at work, eating lunch, picking up their children) and they don’t have to time to read a paragraph.

Just make yourself clear, always being conscious of a friendly tone, and get them the information they need as quickly as possible. Don’t dance around the point with a lot of irrelevant things (like special offers on products at your business). This is not the time to give a sales pitch or give information about anything other than what’s at hand- which is their appointment.

People appreciate when they feel like you’re helping them out. They’ll recognize this when they see that you’re really just doing them a service without trying to sneak anything else extra in there.

That being said, there are those special times when informing a client of a special deal specifically relating to their appointment would benefit them. So be aware of your clientele base and be intuitive to those times that offers would be appreciated instead of seen as a burden or sales move. Whatever you do, always strive to make the appointment reminder evident and clear-cut to what you’re trying to say.

STEP 3: What To Include

The information you provide your client in their reminder email is a lot of times the only reason they remember to come. People make appointments all the time and then in the next moment forget (I know I do, “What?! I had a dentist appointment today?!”).

This is why including the proper information and details in these reminders can greatly impact your business as a whole.

What to include in a friendly reminder email
  • Time: Don’t be shy about this detail. It wouldn’t be too much to have it displayed more than once somewhere on the email. One way to do this is to state it once in the text, “ Hi, we look forward to seeing you at 3pm…” and once at the bottom with all the direct info listed, “Hair Cut at 510 Hair Experts- 3pm, Wednesday, October 1st”.

  • Location & Directions: This is key especially if you have multiple locations. Be clear to state which one and, depending on your clientele, possibly include directions. This can be beneficial if your client base does not use GPS. Be aware of who you’re catering to and meet their directional needs as much as possible.

  • Telephone number: Make sure to include the phone number they can call if they end up needing to cancel while they’re in the car or on the run. Most people will be more likely to just call and update you than replying back to an email last minute. Don’t leave this part out.

  • Preparation: This is totally depending on the type of service you’re providing. For example, if it’s a hair salon and they are receiving a special up-do then they should be notified to not wash their hair one day before the service. If it’s a medical appointment, they might need to come with proper documents such as ID, medical history, prescription info, etc.

Help prepare your clients to have a smooth and successful appointment. Notifying them of all these details will only be a win for everyone.

Congratulations! You have mastered the art of writing a friendly, personal reminder email. Just keep in mind that people will always respond to something genuine over inauthentic. Once you apply these tips to your reminder service, your business will only grow for the better.

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