5 Ways a Web Scheduler makes Academic Advisors more Efficient

Being the voice of guidance, and many times reason, comes with great responsibility. This responsibility usually has to split its focus on a mass amount of young minds. So it’s understandable that sometimes forms, memos, follow-ups and/or appointments themselves can be forgotten and fall through the cracks.

This is when a web scheduler enters the scene, steals the show and saves the girl. In my eyes, using a web scheduler for daily needs, both professional and personal, can feel similar to having a hero fly into your world and save it.

Just recently, I spoke with a current university advisor about her goals as well as her points of aggravation. Some of her most uplifting moments were seeing students fulfill the plans they’d laid out together. But, to counter those uplifiting moments, she struggled with feeling overwhelmed by the quantity of students under her advisory.

When we get down to brass tacks, this advisor could avoid feeling out of control while increasing the number of current success stories with the help of a web scheduler. This web tool would enable her to neatly compile her busy work days (and sometimes personal days) into fully functional, smooth breezes.

1. More convenient and realistic way to follow up with students

Let’s face it. Even the most observant and astute advisor is going to have off-days. *There will be times when things get put in the file cabinet and forgotten until that student bears a child and that child grows up and is then sitting in your chair ( *dramatized scenario in hopes of making a point).

No matter how on top of things we may feel, having an online organizer will relieve part of the weight of remembering the next actions that are determined during your meeting with the student. With an online scheduling system, you’ll have convenient and fast access to past and future appointments. You will be able to see when the students are available and how frequently they seek out advisory.

This gives you, the advisor, a greater level of understanding of where the student is along the path you have laid out together.

2. Stay connected and in tune with students

When students book their appointments online, a record is created for the appointment and attached to their student profile. This is a perfect way to have a handle on each appointment and take notes for follow up actions.

Before the appointment begins, quickly navigate to their student profile to see your notes from the last meeting and any attachments that you’ve added. This sort of functionality goes hand in hand with the care it takes to be a great advisor.

It’s a powerful thing to be able to see which direction a student was leaning toward in their last meeting, what classes he/she is interested (or not interested) in, and how you can step in to be of help all before the appointment even starts.

3. Greater accessibility for students to schedule

This is a new age. It’s an age of instant gratification in every sphere of life. When dealing with millenials, if it’s not convenient, it might not be worth it.

Who even uses a phone for voice calling anymore? It’s so rare that we don’t even refer to it as “calling” someone, we have to specify that we plan to use our voice.

Students nowadays are (almost) always physically connected to a online device. That’s why a reachable tool like a web organizer is absolutely the best route when working with students. They have access themselves to scheduling appointments directly with you, modifying their availability as needed.

This is a hugely enticing tool for a young generation who, otherwise, might not bother to reach out to the advisors who can dramatically assist their path through school. Having a online scheduling system in place makes students feel like you are just a click away. It gives greater connection to students who need as much support around them as possible.

4. More fluidity and connection with co-workers

More than likely, interoffice communication is functioning in a less than automated way (read: lots of paper trails and virtually no appointment syncing). Although this isn’t necessarily a negative, there are definite ways to enhance fluidity even among faculty.

Much of this help can come from using an online scheduling tool. Using a online organizer to set up department meetings is beneficial to the entire office. Using the same software to set appointments with students as well as faculty ensures which staff should be present at any event and blocks off their availability for individual appointments.

5. Gaining more control over your personal schedule as well

Alright, so… You’re already planning these kids lives for the forseeable future, planning their appointments with you and scheduling meetings with co-workers! How do you then keep your personal life in the well-balanced mix and not in havoc?

Utilizing the help of a web organizer will bring a sense of zen to all areas of your life. Alongside your work schedule, you can easily see your availability to focus on the valueable people and events in your life that you have to make time for. With a profession that requires so much organization to begin with, having a scheduling system on your side can make all of the disparate aspects of your job & life fall into place.

An efficient advisor is a happy advisor. These are 5 solid ways your career could see a stress reduction. Make the change and feel the freedom with using a online organizer in your daily work life. It will ease the burden of keeping tabs on the number of students you have to advise and make you much more accessible to the students who do require more from you.

Have an opinion on using a web scheduler? Comment below, we'd love to hear from you!