Paid & Free Calendar Creator Resource List

So you need a customized calendar for a specific date range, but you go into Office Depot and the only calendars you see run from January to December or August to July. Where can you go to get a calendar that runs during the date range you really need?

Well, if you don’t feel like filling out some free printable weekly & monthly calendars with the date ranges you want, we’ve got a list of resources you can use to create calendars that work for the dates you need. Check out the sites linked below for some all purpose calendar creation fun:

Free Calendar Creators

Calendars That Work:


Use: Customize the start date that you need a calendar for and determine how many months you need it to apply to. You can set some other customizations as well like the size of the document you want, the shading on headers or weekends, the language, when the week begins, and whether you want it in .doc or .docx format (depending on your version of Word). Once you’ve entered the two required pieces of data and any customizations you may want, you can create your calendar for use in Microsoft Word. Calendars that Work is used mainly in the U.S. & Canada as noted by their inclusion of U.S. or Canadian holidays on any of their calendar downloads. A full subscription to Calendars that Work costs $22 for a year and you can get printable monthly calendars in many formats for any date range.

Printable Calendar


Use: This is a more visual directive of Calendars that Work described above. It gives you a view of all the types of calendars available on the website and you click on the one you want before you customize it. All customizations for the free calendar maker are the same as described above, but you may have an easier time navigating the site if you use Printable Calendar’s website instead.


Use: differs from Calendars that Work in the process that you’ll go through to make your calendar, but you can still get a free calendar download  in monthly and yearly formats available as a PDF. There’s a few more customizations that you can apply on here, like formats for how to display the calendar, choosing to have space for notes, styling options (like background, font, and template style), and phases of the moon (if that’s your thing :). You can also choose to display the number of days left in the year. The cons of this app are maybe that there are too many customizations and that you can only get the free calendars in PDF. Unless you have Adobe Acrobat, there’s very little you can do to customize the calendar once you have the download.

My Free Calendar Maker


Use: This is the most barebones and thus possibly the most user friendly of all the free calendar creator resources. It just has 3 steps: (1) Select the format (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily) for your calendar; (2) Define what date range you want displayed on your printable calendar; & (3) Click the download button. As with TimeAndDate, these free printable calendar downloads are only available in PDF format. 


Not-So-Free Calendar Creators



Use: This site is worth mentioning just from how easy it is to use and what great gifts the finished products make. It costs between $20-$30 to get either a Wall, Desk, or Poster calendar printed and sent to you. If you have some pictures that would make great monthly images throughout the year, Shutterfly is the place to go. All you do is choose a style, edit the text you want displayed, select your images, preview & create. Just make sure you have an account before going through the process so you can select the pictures you want to add.



Use: There are a few more types of calendars that you can make off Vistaprint as you can from Shutterfly (Pocket Calendars & Magnetic Calendars foremost among them). From my use of both websites, however, I have found Shutterfly to be higher quality when it comes to the paper that’s used in printing. Vistaprint will typically be a bit better for your budget, however, and will come with some nice discount codes usually. Pick at your own peril!

What Calendar Creators have you used and loved? Let us know about other calendar creating resources that we didn’t include in this using the comments below.