Free Calendar Downloads for Winter

The weather outside has yet to turn “frightful” in Charlotte, NC, but you can still feel the holiday spirit in the air and the change in tempo all around.

Sometimes I think we should move the holidays from late December to late January because once the holidays pass, it is a long bleak 3 months to make it through winter. I think it would help get through cold-as-all-get-out January if we had the holidays to look forward to at the end of it.

Alas, so far no one has taken my suggestion seriously. 

So in attempt to find other seasonal ways to make it through the long months of winter, this week’s downloadable calendar template is a winter-themed month & week view:

To give you a taste as to what these calendars look like, you can view the month image of our winter calendar download below:

We have these available as PDFs. Each theme has a printable monthly calendar as well as a printable weekly calendar that you can use to write down your schedule or list of to-dos throughout the season.

What are you most excited for that’s coming up on your schedule this month? For me it’s going down to Atlanta to be with my family over the week of Christmas. This time of year can be filled with so much joy as we re-connect with our family and friends and reminisce about old times.

I know, however, that for some this time of year can bring loneliness or it can dredge up painful memories. The holidays have always been about memory-making so when people we love have moved on or when we have changed our own circumstances, comparing the present with the past can provide a lot of stark contrasts.

For those of you feeling weighed down this season, I want to pass a little bit of virtual love your way. I don’t know why you might be feeling that way or what, if anything, could help shift things for you. I just hope you know that you are not crazy to feel that way and I hope that if it is your want to not feel that way anymore, you see a path to make a change for this year or in preparation for next.

For those of us who are feeling the joy of the holiday season, let us keep the people who find this time of year difficult close to our heart. Perhaps we can fill these blank calendars with reminders to think and lift up those people who are not feeling their very best.

Peace & blessings to you all this holiday season,