Free Calendar Download for weekly chore schedule

Attention all parents, everywhere: Do you just love doing everything around the house on your own? Do you hate when your kids try to dust the living room or take out the recycling? Does it drive you crazy when you walk into the laundry room and find all your clothes neatly folded? If so, this blog post is not for you. If, however, you love when your kids chip in with keeping your house-chaos to a minimum, keep on reading! 

We have devised a simple, fun-themed, childrens chore schedule template for any household to utilize and love. Every parent needs a helping hand every now and then with keeping the house in order. Chores can actually be an essential part of making a family closer. It's a powerful thing to care for your home together. And also, if you'd like- chores can also reap rewards such as allowances.

Explore our Chore Schedule Templates and imagine the ways in which you could use them in your home. Below we have two different versions (daily and weekly planner templates). We have also included examples of different ways to use them. No matter the house, working together will bring you together. So enjoy!

Here is what the downloadable Chore Schedule Templates looks like, coming in both daily and weekly versions:

Just remember, the PDF formatted ones will print better if you plan on handing daily or weekly chore schedules out to take notes on them on-the-go. Just make sure you change your print settings within Adobe to be set to “Actual Size” instead of “Fit”.
Here are examples of the printable daily and printable weekly calendar templates filled out. The first image shows "Option 1" of how to assign and keep track of chores. In "Option 1", you can simply use the boxes beside each chore as a check box. This is a perfect use of the chore sheet if it's only being used by one person. 

"Option 2" of how to assign and keep track of chores is ideal for a family with multiple kids. Within each box, you can simply write the name of the child assigned to that chore. Once they have completed said chore, they (or you) can either cross out their name or place a check over it. This will give a clear distinction of who is doing what and on which day. 

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