A Very Merry Christmas Checklist

It’s inevitable. Someone is going to ask you, “Have you had a good holiday?”

Oftentimes I find this question hard to answer because I don’t know what I’m supposed to have done to really get in the mood of the season. Yes, it’s been a good holiday but it has hardly been that different than any other month of the year.

This week’s download is for those of us that have a hard time identifying what we should do to get in the holiday spirit. You can take our Christmas checklist and get several great ideas of what to do with yourself over the next few weeks before the big holiday arrives.

Click the button below to print off the Christmas checklist, hand it out to your favorite nieces and nephews, or go through all the items yourself (you big kid!):

Once you complete the list, we’d love it if you’d get in touch with us over on Twitter (handle @tmtap) and tell us what your favorite activity was. My personal favorite (I know already) will be watching Elf. 

Take a look at the other items on the list:

Some of these might be long held family traditions for you. Some of them may be new things for you to try (courtesy of the Barber family, I’m sure). The great thing about the busy holiday week is that you get to unplug and not have to schedule every single last activity. While it helps to have checklists to get ideas of what to do, you don’t need a schedule template in order to make it through.

I hope you enjoy your Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas) or otherwise enjoy the day that the world shuts down (save for the movie theaters). May you find it relaxing, rejuvenating, and inspiring to move you forward in 2015!

Now I’d love to hear what you have planned for this holiday season. Do you have traditions you always uphold? Trying out something new this year for a change of pace? Leave a comment below and tell us what you are planning to do to celebrate the season!

Happy holidays,
Lucy & the TimeTap team