Massage Therapists: Appointment Book Template to Manage your Schedule

In todays technology-crazed world, most people go for weeks at a time without writing things down by hand. I can't remember that last time I only had the option of writing down or remembering something via writing it on a piece of paper. We know, we're an online scheduling company, so what are we doing promoting the old-fashion way of staying organized? Simple: because every now and then, it really pays off to add that personal touch to your business. 
This is why this week’s Calendar Downloads Blog features a simple yet classy Appointment Book Template. We have devised a standard printable appointment calendar for Massage Therapists and medical professionals alike to use in their practices.
This week we've made them gender-neutral colors, so the whole office can take part in making each client feel like their schedule is just as important as yours. For whatever the reason, it's always more personal to see your service provider handwriting your appointment down in their books rather than watching them type away on their phone. 
This week’s professional-themed appointment book template is perfect for a chiropractic or massage therapy clinic, but anyone who loves a sleek, neutral pattern can use it as well. Just click the button below to get your free downloadable pdf:

Below is a screenshot of our professional-styled appointment book template. Once you’ve printed it out and made numerous copies to plan out entire weeks, you can easily start to fill up your calendar in the most tangible way. 

Our schedule templates are clean and precise, giving you the option of filling in the following fields: time, client information, the reason for the appointment, the appointment cost, specific notes, location, and your recommended next appointment date.

In order to get maximum use out of these appointment book templates, ideally you should hop over to your local FedEx or Kinko’s and have them create a spiral-bound booklet for you to have your very own appointment book!