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Here at TimeTap we know that productivity in the workplace makes all the difference. Knowing what your strengths are when it comes to time management is key to daily success.

This is why we’ve brought time management exercises into the picture to help reveal your Productivity Profile. It wasn’t created with a highly researched efficiency algorthim or anything; we mixed practical situations with a bit of humor.

Below is the link to the quiz that will reveal where you stand in your daily management styles. Once you get your results (you will be sorted into 1 of 5 categories), come back to this post and read about tips to improve from whatever state of productivity you’re at. It’ll be fun and a learning experience.

Follow this link to our quiz: Time Management Quiz!

(Remember to keep this tab up so, when you’re done with the quiz, you can read some tips on improving your productivity!)

Tips for the Master Procrastinator: (get used to the to-do list)

Pick up a new set of skills. Alright, it’s usually a good thing to be a master at something. Not in this case. You’re too good at the skills of procrastination and it’s time to work on your focus. One practical step you can take to do this is making a to-do list every evening before your next day of work. This is to get in the habit of mapping out your work day every day prior, so you don’t walk into work not knowing where to start.


Tips for Mr. & Ms. Anxiety: (one task at a time)

We have good news for you, multitasking is not all it’s cracked up to be. Especially if you’re someone who gets overwhelmed easily, you should forget about multitasking. The greatest way to conquer your worries about tasks is focusing on ONE task at a time. That’s it. Don’t let anything else come between you and the task at hand.



Tips for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Distracted: (find a helping hand)

You leave no room for distractions. You are able to focus in on one particular issue and work until it’s done. One huge tip for someone with your work ethic is this: Delegate, delegate, delegate. With your level of focus, you have the tendency to try to do it all on your own. Even though you’re a great worker, you will burn yourself out if you don’t ask for help.


Tips for Chief Tortoise-Hare: (find your sweet-spot and say 'no' more)

Pump the breaks. As we said in your quiz results, you will burn yourself out if you continue to go full speed ahead for hours at a time. A few tips: (1), find the balance between when you’re most productive and when you are close to crashing. Don’t bring yourself to the brink of burning out everyday. (2), say no. Something that might be adding to your load is not knowing when to turn down a task. Just remember, it’s okay to say no to something when you don’t have energy or time to give to it.


Tips for Chancellor of Time Management: (give a little gift)

First of all, great job. You obviously care a lot about prioritizing your day and getting the most out of your time. Kudos! With that being said, there’s always room for improvement, right? Consider the next time you plan out your day to also plan out little rewards for finishing big tasks. This could possibly increase your work speed. Also, you deserve it!


More material, right at your fingertips.

There you have it. Aren’t quizzes interesting? A time management activity like this one gives us an opportunity to learn a bit more about ourselves and the way we function as workers.

Do you like time management training games like this one? Send it to a friend! Or feel free to write to us in the comment section below about any other topic you would like to see turned into a quiz! And if you just can’t get enough of this blog (it’s so great, right?) then check out posts from the last few weeks: How To Write A Friendly Reminder Email or maybe, Elements of Procrastination that makes Priority Management Impossible.

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