3 Seasonal Activities That Can Benefit From Online Booking

If you missed last week’s post which focused on fall photography, you’re still in for a treat this week. Running a business that really booms in the fall? Do you allow guests to participate in crafts or exciting activities? If so, today’s post is just for you.

With the great number of fall festivities that take place at this great time of year, today we’re going to look at how online scheduling can be used for 3 seasonal activities to help keep guests coming year after year.

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Online Scheduling Helps Must Ministries Serve 883 Families Each Thanksgiving

A great thing about flexible online scheduling software is how many types of organizations can use it for so many different needs. When new users call in, the most exciting thing is figuring out how to flex TimeTap to fully cover their needs.

Kendall Jones, Program Director for MUST Ministries, talked me through the challenge they faced in their Thanksgiving Food Basket Program and how TimeTap online scheduling allows them to serve 883 families in 3 days each November.

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How to Create Fantastic Online Support Experiences

Software companies frequently push their reputation for providing fabulous support as a benefit they promote to potential users. As a person who signs into more than 10 software applications in my daily job effort, I've come to appreciate quality support a whole lot. 

My own philosophy for support here at TimeTap is to be kind before anything else. I've found that most users, by no fault of their own, are typically contacting me because they've fallen somewhere along the spectrum of frustration.

Either they can't figure something out or we can't do something they're looking to do. Whichever camp they fall into, I approach it universally by validating their frustration through kind words of reassurance and looking to identify their objectives to see how the software can meet them.

I've known this philosophy for myself but have been interested for some time now about other top level software providers' philosophies. I asked three SaaS companies who I heard about mainly through their crazy-good support to answer some questions about best practices: Batchbook a social CRM for small business, ShopLocket an ecommerce application that makes selling easy anywhere on the web, and Squarespace a web design and hosting platform that uses innovative tools for unlimited artistic expression. 

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5 Processes You Should Automate to Save More Time

Looking for some shortcuts to help you save time with business matters like posting to social profiles, sending out email newsletter, setting appointments, and receiving reminders? Well, you've made it just in time today because we have 5 processes we think you should put on autopilot to help save more time.

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