Pro User Tips: Client Tagging

Whether you’re a TimeTap aficionado or would like to dive deeper into the feature options within the system, we’re offering a new blog segment, “TimeTap Pro User Tips”, to help keep you up to speed and challenge you with a few new ideas to implement in your everyday use.

This week’s segment is all about Client Tags.

By default, your TimeTap Clients list shows all clients. With our new tagging feature, you can tag and sort clients by a descriptor tag to present a custom list. Tagging clients comes in handy when organizing your clients or sending an email to a specific group of clients.

Let’s say you have a group of customers who have been long term clients. You would like to send a bulk message about a new promotion for your preferred customers only.

In order to message these preferred customers, go to your client list, select the names and add a tag “Preferred.”

client tagging - 1.png

Tags can also be applied individually at the client profile level.

client tagging - 2.png

Your next step is to draft an Invitation Template (formerly known as Marketing Templates). You can include email tags, coupons or images in your template.

client tags - 3.png

Now you’re ready to send a bulk email to your client segment. Simply filter your client list by the display name, “Preferred,” select "Email", then the desired template.

client tagging 4.png

Take a look at our documentation page on Client Tags for a more in-depth review.

We’ll also be hosting a 30 minute webinar and Q&A session on client tagging. Join us Wednesday December, 20 from 4:00 - 4:30pm EST. Register today!

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Making the Most of Traffic

Did you know that what you do while stuck in traffic could make you more successful? According to Reader’s Digest, successful people don’t just get stuck in traffic, they instead make some of their most crucial moves to ensure the day is a productive one. Check out a few of the things you can do on your commute to make you more successful too:

1. Set the day’s goals

Take time on your commute to decide what you will accomplish by the end of the day. Instead of worrying about how busy the day is going to be, come up with a game plan on how to tackle it, even use Siri to create your to-do list. Coming up with these goals before you even get started will get you ready to make them happen before even walking through the door.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 11.36.44 AM.png

Being stuck in traffic doesn't have to look like this.

2. Make time for personal improvement

Do you love reading but never have the time for it anymore? What about putting on a concert in your car to let out all that pent up energy? Commute time can be a real opportunity to have true time for yourself, whether that is learning a new language on audio or unwinding while you drive with an e-book or podcast.

 3. Get TimeTap!

By booking all of your appointments on TimeTap, you’ll best be handling your hectic schedule in one place, including your directions! Now with our new Google maps feature you know exactly where you’re going, and so will your clients. Don’t forget, that’s less calendars to check, more appointments that can be booked while you’re on the road and less work for you.

By utilizing these techniques you'll never just be driving to work, you'll be working on yourself, improving your business and making the best use of your time. Maybe after awhile you won't hate being in traffic so long after all.


November's Top Feature: Google Maps

One of the great features within TimeTap is its integration with Google Maps. Through this feature your clients are able to instantly locate your business at the time of booking. The Google Maps feature pinpoints your business's exact location(s) that you have provided on your account. And the good news is this feature now comes as a default setting on your account.


In order to access this feature to enable or disable it on your account you will need to first be signed into your TimeTap Back Office. Once you are logged in you will go to your Settings and choose Locations. In your Location Settings you will click on "Locations Panel Settings" and you will simply check/uncheck the box next to "Show Location Map View"  to enable/disable that feature on your online scheduler. 

While you are in your Location settings this is a great time to make any customized changes to your Location Panel. For example if you wanted to change the label from "Locations" to "Offices" or provide more detailed directions this can all be done through your Location Panel Settings. All that is left to do is to hit save and your online scheduler has been automatically updated. 

For more information about this feature or to speak with one of our TimeTap team members, you can call us at 980-689-0029 or write to us at Happy Scheduling! 

Latest Releases

TimeTap is always on the move releasing more robust and fascinating features to best serve your booking processes. 

In the past month we’ve released some exciting updates to both the client scheduler and the back office, increasing ease of use of our system for both you and your customers. 

One of our most interesting features allows you to display a Google Map on the client scheduler so that clients are able to see where the appointment is taking place within their region, enabling them to make the most informed decision when booking appointments. 


A few more feature updates:

  • Invoices: Print invoices directly from Invoice Detail Page and create invoices for un-invoiced appointments directly from client’s profile. 
  • Emails: Find additional email tracking data in Messaging Logs and the Appointment Emails section of the Appointment Detail Page. The information displays whether a message has been Delivered, Processed, Opened or Clicked.
  • Staff Confirmation: Now available to be applied to specific services and classes, no longer having to apply this feature to all services and classes on the account. 
  • Marketing Templates: Renamed to “Invitation Templates” and also includes the email tracking labels mentioned above.

If you have a feature request, please let us know by emailing us at  We look forward to serving your scheduling needs and strive to have the best features available to help save you time and keep your business or organization running smoothly.