How to Group Your Classes by Subject for Easier Scheduling

For those students who wait up until the last minute to sign up for know that if you’ve taken out a loan for school and your loan provides you with a grace period so that if you don’t sign up for classes on time and have to skip a semester, your grace period is going down.

Academic advisors and professors, don't allow your students to drown in debt because they didn’t complete their class schedule for the upcoming semester.

Happily, when speaking with your advisees, you can let them know how easy it is to sign up for classes online through a class scheduler that shows courses organized by subject.

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It's Time to Open Shop - For Selling Your Products!

Wait for's here!

Now, in addition to managing your appointments, your business can also sell and keep track of your products or merchandise all in one system.

Here are some things to know about our new feature:

1. You can track purchases through product invoicing

2. Enjoy automatic inventory management

3. Keep track of suppliers and supplier lines

4. Up-sell your appointments with the help of your products

You might be saying, woah - woah, Jalesa - all of that sounds good, but help me to understand how this feature might work for a business. Okay, so let's do a scenario & walkthrough:

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Leave Your Best Impression This Semester with Class Management Software

"A teacher's #first #impression should be their best impression." @tmtap

Leaving the best impression should be every instructor’s first impression. However, sometimes early mornings leave them a little foggy, shaky, and on edge after staying up from the wee hours of the morning trying to prepare for classes. You could just walk that impression right out of the door.

But we’re here to help you do better by cutting down on class prep time. You're probably asking "How is that"? We don’t have all of the answers, but we have one that can certainly help:  save time preparing for classes with class management software. And not just any software--software that automatically creates a class roster for you so that you can easily track attendance. Allow me to show you a small demonstration through a scenario for an introductory Adobe Illustrator class.

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