Breakdown Your Day-to-Day with TimeTap

TimeTap has developed a feature that helps businesses track where their time is spent each day. This information is shown by using an alternative way to view staff member's availability over a designated timeframe. The Availability List Views gives businesses the opportunity to see day by day what their booked time slots are and what percentage of their staff member's day(s) is booked.

Currently this feature only shows the service percentage booked; it does not take into account class sessions. In other words only service based appointments (one on one) are factored in within the staff's availability. 

To access this new feature go to your Appointments page and click on Availability. In addition to viewing your calendar in  1, 3, 5 or 7 days at a time, now you can access "List View." This view shows your staff's availability in a list format based on the selected date range. 

To access this feature go to Appointments > Availability > List View.

availability view min.png

Next you will choose the date range to see a day to day break down for all of your staff members. On this page you will see the date, the staff member's name, the staff member's service percentage booked and the service times they have available. 

You also have the opportunity to print this page which can be useful for reporting and/or data logging purposes. 

percentage booked.png

For complete documentation on this feature you can visit TimeTap's Help Docs by clicking here

As always we are here to help you. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our support team at 202-753-7351 or write to us at

Happy Scheduling!

The Benefits of Buffers

While you may have read about or already began using one of TimeTap’s newest features, the ability to utilize travel buffers to best plan your appointments and day, you may not realize that buffers are an all-around useful tool.

buffer break.png writes that buffers in between your tasks optimizes productivity and efficiency by forcing you to take time and not just react in autopilot. While adding another thing to your already busy day may seem like impossible, adding even the smallest buffer may warrant big rewards.

Try adding buffers between vacations, sick days and break as a first step. Getting into the rhythm takes time, acknowledge that and prepare for it. Add a buffer for the inevitable back up while you were gone and dedicate time to tackle that without hindering your normal work flow. This will allow for a faster time to get back up to speed with fewer frustrations.

Also, add some buffers between weekends and weekdays. If you take time to process and plan what needs to be done for the week, you’ll spend less time freaking out on Friday about something you forgot. Same goes for Friday, start jotting down things to do for the upcoming week, it’ll be one less thing to do on your hectic Monday and you’ll already feel ahead of the game.

Buffers are good to take in your professional and personal life, whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour of reflection or preparation (maybe both). If you aren’t seeing the benefit of buffers in your day to day life just yet, try our latest travel time calculations feature with buffers to make sure you get to your appointments on time and feel free to add the personal ones into your schedule later.

You’ll be happy you did!

Recent System Updates

Ever feel like you need to squeeze another 5-10 minutes after arriving at the office before the meeting actually begins? TimeTap has recently added a buffer feature to locations that will Calculate Your Travel Times before your next meeting is booked. If you’re traveling from one office to the next but need to account for walking from the bus stop to your office, elevator rides, or parking decks, adding inbound and outbound buffer times allow you to get into the office or client’s location without the added stress.

Additionally, our Google Maps integration will account for these buffer times and update the next available appointment time slot based on the location you will be leaving from and the next location where you will arrive.  In addition to having a general buffer time between appointments, this new feature allows you and your clients to book your next appointment start time with near precision, cutting down on lost time. 

A few more of TimeTap’s recent system updates focus within Business Level accounts.

  • Message Triggers - Send custom messages to clients or staff notifying them if there have been any changes to the appointments or classes. 
  • API Keys - Generate your own API key from your account. Go to Settings > Integrations to access your own API key. 
  • Restrict login based on IP Address - Restrict staff with security level “User” from having access to the login page unless they are within that specific IP address.

For more updates on Calculating Travel Times or any of these updates, visit our documentation pages.

Increasing Client Retention

In a time where everything is an advertisement and not even your social media snooping is without an ad, it is easy to see how many options there are nowadays when it comes to services and offerings. Any good business owner knows that repeat clients are a primary component of a successful business, so read some tips below on how to keep them coming back to you and not getting drawn to your competitors in between visits -

1. Surprise Them

You know that barista who always remembers your name? Of course you do, because when someone goes out of their way to do something out of the ordinary, you feel good and will most likely tell others about it. Things like this, or sending them a gift or promotional offer on their birthday will make you especially memorable. Also, reward them for coming back with loyalty discounts and programs.

2. Stay in Touch

You already know how useful TimeTap can be for keeping your clients appointments in check, but now with our new Recall Campaigns feature - you can reach out to them automatically after they've visited you. Recall campaigns offer the opportunity to have reminder notifications automatically set for your clients to book a follow up appointment based on their initial appointment/visit. You set the initial parameters and they go out automatically - which keeps you at the forefront of their mind and also gives you time to focus on something else to further improve your business.

             Utilizing the right components, you'll have happy clients returning with half the effort

             Utilizing the right components, you'll have happy clients returning with half the effort

3. Study up

Regardless of the industry you're in, things change and they change quickly. If you continue to hone and improve your offerings, you are going to always seem like a fresh and relevant service to clients - which even though they're a return customer, it'll feel like a new experience every time. Also, when you make any change or update - let them know! It is another excuse to reach out and get in contact with them.

Read the rest of Inc.'s tips on how to keep clients coming back here!


Introducing Recall Campaigns

TimeTap is kicking off the new year by adding a great new feature called Recall Campaigns. TimeTap users now have the opportunity to have reminder notifications automatically set for their clients to book a follow up appointment based on their initial appointment/visit. The corresponding appointments often need to occur within a specific time frame. Since most follow up appointments are time sensitive, the recall campaign allows you to choose when and how many reminder messages are sent as well as a Goal Date, the ideal date that you would like the client to have the follow up appointment scheduled.

If a client books a dentist appointment and the office wants that client to book a follow up appointment 6 months from that cleaning, the recall campaign will send the client a series of reminders to prompt them to book a follow up appointment at the 6 month mark.  

Create Recall Campaign

Recall Campaign contain a messaging feature with customizable templates. To make changes to these templates you will go to Messaging > Appointment Templates > Recall Email Template or Recall Text Message Template. 

Once you have approved of your Recall Message Templates, set up your Recall Campaign(s) by visiting Messaging > Recall Campaigns.

image 1 for recall.png

On the Recall Campaign page click the Add New button you will then be taken to the campaign screen where you will pick which service or class you want to pair with a follow up appointment as well as the Drip Messages you wish to send, reminding the client to book their next appointment at the Goal Date. 

Overview and Drip Message.png
Drip message.png

Tracking Messages

Recall Campaigns also enable you to track your campaign and see which clients are nearing their goal date for their follow up appointment and which clients have already booked. In the example below I made a goal for the clients to have their follow up appointment 6 months after their initial appointments. As you can see the Campaign Recipients table will give you the details of the client, date of initial appointment, the recall goal date, their status and you are able to view the initial appointment information.

campaign recips.png

Once the client receives their recall message(s) and books their follow up appointment their status will go from open to closed.

The Recall Campaign is a great time saving featuring that will allow businesses to set up multiple reminders for their clients to book follow up or additional appointments in the future without having to bat an eye. By utilizing this feature on your account you can book one appointment for a client and ensure the future booking prompts are taken care of.

More Info

You can find step-by-step documentation on how to correctly set up a Recall Campaign in our TimeTap Help Documentation pages. 

If you have any questions about the use or setup of the Recall Campaign feature, let us know at