Online Appointment Scheduling Best Practices: Test Changes

No matter how familiar you are with TimeTap online appointment scheduling application it's always a good habit to test any changes you make. 

If you, for instance, login and add a new set of working hours for a location, it's a good routine to get into to go ahead and click through your appointment scheduler to make sure everything is squared away. The last thing you want is to think you're adding 3:00pm - 7:00pm as a new set of working hours but you accidentally select "am" instead of "pm" and suddenly you're taking appointments before the sun's even up.

Here are some fast ways to test the changes you've made once you've hit the "Save" button.

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Written To-Do Lists, Digital To-Do Lists, & The Technically Savvy

The term "tech savvy" has taken on various meanings for people of varying technical acuity. Walk into one of today's classrooms and you'll find the teacher who stayed up late to prepare his lecture only to find that students are reluctant to pull out pencil and paper to take notes (because you're not putting this information in PowerPoint form on Blackboard).

No, your students have graduated from that school--the phone, iPad, and laptop have made it much easier to bypass the likelihood of getting writer's cramp and trying to keep up with the notes that disappear on the board in like five minutes. And here enters our smartphones which can easily take a snapshot of those notes and be reviewed at a later time.

Just like that.

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FrazCom: Your Neighborhood Tech Therapist

Malcolm Frazier built his first computer at age 11 from pieces and parts he found in a dumpster, and it’s still running. “I named it Frank,” Malcolm, founder of Tech Repair service company FrazCom told me. “He’s come a long way since I found him in that dumpster, but he still has some of the same first parts that I found out behind my dad’s house.”

Today FrazCom is a B2C computer repair company that supports consumers in many of the “oops” moments that happen day to day. “As I see it, people don’t have a personal tech repair person. People have dedicated service providers for mowing their lawn, cutting their hair, unstopping their toilets, but the only number they know to call if their computer crashes is Best Buy’s Geek Squad and their prices are outrageous.”

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Online Appointment Scheduling Best Practices: Which Calendar View is Best for Me?

Generally, once you've logged in to the online appointment scheduling application provided by TimeTap, you’ll notice that you have many options when it comes to viewing your appointments by Calendar. You're able to view your appointments by location, staff, and or reason.

This post will give you some guidelines on the different views for your Calendar and also some helpful tips when trying to decide which view might be best for you.

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