Productivity Hacks: 4 Tips for a Quality Night's Rest

How did you sleep last night?

It’s not a question you’re typically asked when you walk into work in the morning. We hear “How’s it going?” or “How’re you doing?” but very few people meet by the coffee machine to discuss how well they slept.

That’s really a shame because so many people have such poor sleep habits.

Not just the amount of sleep we get but the quality of that sleep has a huge effect on how productive and focused we can be the following day.

And because It isn’t something we focus our conversation on (we don’t ask ask each other about it or compare ourselves against it), we put little attention toward bettering this necessary routine that takes up such a huge part of our daily lives.

I think we should change the conversation.

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Top 4 Attitude Traits We're Thankful Our Users Have

Thanksgiving is the trigger holiday that reminds us to express our gratitude before the bustle of “the season” begins and consumerism takes us over. Early the next morning Black Friday shoppers line up outside malls and shopping centers across the country.

Many readily forget the thanks they felt less than 24 hours before as the last television set gets put into another shopper’s cart or the special that was so tempting in the ad gets sold out. It results in panic over perceived scarcity and external blame for the shopper’s disappointment.

Boy, am I thankful I don’t work in retail.

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Get Clients to the Front of the Line With Our Waitlist Feature Updates - Part 2

If you missed last week's post, today we'll be picking up from where we left off with demonstrating updates to our waitlist feature.

Last week we looked at how to:

  1. Allow clients/customers to join a waitlist for a service
  2. Test adding a registrant to a waitlist

This week we're going to look specifically at how to move a client or customer from one of your service's waitlists and onto your appointment calendar.

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Productivity Hacks: Making To-Do Lists

Growing up, one of my favorite movies was the 1950’s version of Cheaper by the Dozen. I remember being fascinated by Frank Gilbreth’s profession as an efficiency engineer.

There’s a scene as the movie is starting off where he buttons up his vest twice: in one trial he uses his left hand to snap the buttons and in the other trial he uses his right. I've not seen the movie in years and can’t remember which ended up being more efficient, but I do know that the film had a large impact on how I viewed the world growing up.

It’s one of those lessons of not knowing how non-universally good habits apply. I thought if the Gilbreth’s worked as a family to make things more logical and efficient, wasn't that what everyone was working toward?

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