Setting Interview Appointments At Career Fairs Puts TSU Ahead Of The Curve

Career fairs are almost always hectic and with so many students trying to meet or interview with a limited number of employers they can, at times, turn into chaos. Traneshia Parker, Director of Student Services for Texas Southern University’s College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, understood this from the challenges the school faced last year when using Google calendar to manage interview time-slots.

“When I came in,” she told me, “I looked at the previous career fair where we were using Google calendar and saw that it just wasn’t secure enough and didn’t give me enough control. Students were able to overwrite other students’ appointments and we couldn’t track who had changed what when.”

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How to Find Out What Your Clients Want

Ever thought to yourself, "Man this app could be better if only the creator did this," or "Well, if "X Company" switched back to the original formula for this product, then it would be so much better"? I have thought this numerous times whether concerning an app, food, or even a service.

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3 Tips for Massage Therapy Website Content

A lot of different types of independently owned or small businesses signup for online appointment scheduling every day. I speak with most of them about their organizations, their visions as driven by their missions, and how they've adapted to marketing themselves in the internet age.

We can all agree that a business's website is a whole new touch point for business-client interactions that wasn't "necessary" 13 years ago but is more than necessary now. What we seem to have endless debates on is how best to structure our websites and how to best put them to use for our objectives.

One group of people I talk to more than most other groups of people are massage therapists. They've come to be some of my favorite people to talk to because, on the majority, they're very kind, patient people who tend to appreciate a good joke. I often ask about their websites and how they've structured them, and for the most part, there's not a ton of strategic thinking.  

I hear a lot of, "Well, we needed to have a website so we put one up and it just tells about us, our location, our services, our hours, and how to get in contact with us." This is great and definitely step numero uno, but it's kind of like you're just serving the bottom level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs as it relates to websites.

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Tapping Into the Subconscious At Salem Hypnosis

There’s a strong media driven picture of how hypnosis works. If you think back to probably 25% of all animated movies, a person is hypnotized, gets the swirly eyes, and is being coaxed to do whatever the voice they’re under is saying. They all look strikingly familiar to this Jungle Book scene, but this media image that’s been fed to us is, like so many others, a hoax.

I sat down with Emily Cahal, CHt, of Salem Hypnosis last week and learned a ton about how hypnosis really works. Unlike what we’ve been shown, hypnosis isn’t about numbing you into doing what the hypnotist says.

Rather, it’s almost the opposite.

“Hypnosis looks at a developed behavior you have that’s causing you to react automatically to certain events or stressors,” Emily told me. “These reactions happen because of experiences in your past that have formed subconscious habits that in order to change take repetition as well.”

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